Heather Tom

Heather Tom is a famous American actress. Born in 1975 in Illinois, USA, Heather gained the most popularity by acting in soap operas. She is 170 metres tall and her current weight is about 57 kg. Her approximate body measurements are 34-24-34 inches. Her most famous soap operas include “The Bold and the Beautiful” and “The Young and the Restless”.

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Heather was extremely passionate about acting from a very young age. She often used to practise different roles with her siblings, David Tom and Nicholle Tom. Nicholle is also a twin and both her siblings later chose acting as their careers. David also acted alongside Heather in several soap operas together.

She had success in acting from a very young age. She played the role of a character named Victoria Newman at the age of 16, for which she won an Emmy Award. She won this award two more times once in 1993 and the other in 1999. She currently holds the record for maximum number of Emmy Award nominations, which is 8. Her first role was in a soap opera “The Young and the Restless” in 1989. She also starred in “One Life to Live”, and appeared briefly in “All My Children” at the same time. She also starred in “The Bold and the Beautiful” afterwards which earned her a lot of popularity and fame. She also won several awards owing to her excellent performances in the TV series. She also made guest appearances in “Ugly Betty” and has also participated in lots of plays and theatres.

She is also a brilliant producer. She produced Neil Simon’s “Biloxi Blues” in which she played the role of Daisy. It received overall positive reviews. She also produced another play named “Gila” which was a huge success. She also acted in that play.

Heather is obsessed with fitness. Despite being 40 years old, she is still one of the hottest actresses of all times. She attributes this success to exercise and her healthy lifestyle. She is extremely beautiful and has been featured in several magazines and articles worldwide. She has an excellent fashion sense as well. She regularly posts updates on Twitter and Instagram about various events happening in her life and has a massive following in these social websites.

There were rumours that Heather was dating some of her co-actors while acting. But she refused all of them, and it was found out that she has been in a serious relationship with James Anchor for a long time. Finally after a long period of 15 years, she revealed in 2011 that they would soon get engaged. After a few months in the same year, they announced their marriage and both of them got married. A year later, Heather said that she was pregnant and was expecting their first child soon. In October, 2012, she gave birth to their first child who weighed 8 lbs at birth. They christened him Zane Alexander and the baby age is currently 3 years.

Heather Tom has an estimated net worth of $4 million, as of 2015.

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Last Modified : Mar 27 2016