Ivan Sergei

Ivan Sergei was conceived on 7 May 1971 in Hawthorne, USA. Ivan has a place and falls under Dutch and Italian in his plunge and his dad was filling in as a specialist in one of the top marked insurance agency of the city. His parents are of white ethnicity and American nationality. His mother died when he was just a kid and that was a very tough time for him. Ivan finished his school level of instruction from Hawthorne secondary School.

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He wanted to be a sportsman when he was a kid and so played in high school team as well. He started to take training for football as well. Directly after his training, he likewise joined inside one of the football group named as Hawthorne Cubs yet with his high intrigue he exited his fantasy of playing football. He also did modeling at that time. He later stopped playing football and started working on a center in the movie industry.

In the main stage, he was seen with his character as John Woo this was in the motion picture named Once a Thief which came in the year 1996 from where he began picking up an enthusiasm of fans with least assembling of his fans. He has appeared in a number of movies as well as TV shows. His first move was Ghoul School which came out in 1990.

After 5 years he did another movie called Gunfighter’s Minds. He has been however more successful in TV series such as Star Command, Crossing Jordon, Castle and much more. He has also been a part of shows such as CSI Miami and NCIS. He shot to stardom with his role in the TV series Crossing Jordan where he played the role of a refugee.

There is not much known about his personal life as he likes to keep it out of the media speculation and has so far succeeded in that. He got married to his longtime girlfriend after few circumstances of getting into issue zone. He and his wife Tanya Sergei were seen in public man times before getting married.

Afterward, he flashed Tanya as his companion by getting hitched with her in the year 2003. The marriage was a low key event in which only friends and family were invited. Sergei tragically couldn't last his relationship for a long term of time subsequently he guaranteed for a separation with his companion and that directed this couple to get isolated formally. They took divorce and are not together at the moment. He is a vegetarian and supports vegan eating habits and is against the killing of animals for food.

He is very popular on social networking websites such as Facebook and Instagram. His net worth is estimated to be around $5 million as he has been working for quite a while in the industry. His fans can follow him on twitter as well where he posts regularly. He is also a dog lover and has two dogs as his pet.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 7 May, 1971
Age: 48 yrs
Occupations: Actor
Television actor
Film actor
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Hawthorne
Gender: Male
Description: American actor
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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