James Gandolfini

James Joseph Gandolfini was an American actor known for his role in The Sopranos as ‘Tony Soprano’. He is also seen in, ‘True Romance, Get Shorty, Where the Wild Things Are and many others. He died in 2013.  He married his first wife, Mary Wudarski in 1999 and divorced in 2002. He married Deborah Lin in 2008 and divorced her in 2013. He has a son with Marcy and a daughter with Lin. Lin is a former model. James dated her for two years before their marriage.

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According to Lin, James was addicted to drugs, right before their divorce. He used to punch himself on his face when he was high, according to Marcy. After divorcing Marcy in 2002, he disappeared from the set of his movie for four days.

Marcy stated that the separation from her former husband was essential because, he cheated on her by having an affair with a string of women. She also once had a relationship with a stripper. In response to that, James commented that Marcy used to threaten him that she would kill herself, constantly. He blamed her emotional instability as the reason for the separation. Marcy said that he used to be more unstable. One day, he would say he loved her and the next day he would yell at her and call her fat. On the third day, he would beg her not to leave him and would say that he badly needs help for his problem. Marcy said that this instability freaked her out, a lot.

He filed the separation on the terms of inhuman and cruel treatment. James’s agent said that the argument of Marcy was just a lie to get spousal payment and James had all his issues behind him and worked hard to get three Emmys. People thought that the separation would be a messy one, but, it was smooth and was granted in favor of Marcy. During the separation, Marcy also talked about his secret girlfriend, Lora Somoza. She said that this gave her a breakdown. James also tried to create a good relationship between his son and Lora. He used to ask the nanny to drop his son in Lora’s apartment, after school, every day.

He was with Lora for two years, when he was still married to Marcy. After the separation, it was rumored that Lora and James got engaged. They broke off after two years, when she went to live with her grandmother. However, James got married to Lin. It was also said that Lora was the reason behind the separation of James and Lin too. However, Lora commented that James would not leave Lin for her. Lora said that James told her that he was very happy with Lin. Lora spoke with James, a week before he died.

He was said to be in a relationship with Cynthia DeMoss, before he got married to Marcy. A few months before the separation was filed between Marcy and James, he was seen with Cynthia. Cynthia stated that they actually met but also emphasized that they were merly friends.


Quick Facts
Birth Date: 18 Sep, 1961
Age: 58 yrs
Occupations: Actor
Television actor
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Westwood
Education: Rutgers University
Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute
Gender: Male
Description: American actor (1961-2013)
Net Worth 2021: 70 million
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Last Modified: Feb 19 2023
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