James Padraig 

James Padraig is the son of the famous Hollywood actor Colin Farrell. He suffers from a neuro-genetic disorder.

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James Padraig is now only a twelve year old boy. When he was born to his parents, Colin Farrell and Kim Bordenave, they had no idea about his physical disability. His disorder was nothing abnormal so it could not be detected till he started walking on his feet. Though the doctors gave his parents a previous hint about the disorder he is going to suffer, they were not exactly sure how much effect the problem will do to his body. At first, when he could not walk for the first few years of his life, they assumed that he is not going to walk ever and that the disorder has left a huge impact on his body.

It was his father, Colin, who never gave up on the goal to ensure that James could walk. He had a strong belief that his son would walk and would never give up on his dreams. When he was four years old, he walked a few steps and his father was overwhelmed. This was the time when the doctors informed him that intensive care could be taken along with regular medication and treatment then there is probably a chance in the near future that he could walk.

Colin Farrell has given us the best example of what a father could do for the sake of his son. As he is a popular actor of the industry, he used to lead an unhealthy lifestyle. He also had a lot of dating histories. He was also an alcoholic and used to drink alcohol on a daily basis. He was also hospitalised many times and the doctors have strictly advised him not to lead such an unhealthy lifestyle. Nobody could change his lifestyle, not even his wife but when he came to know about the disorder of his son, he left everything to be with him.

In a media interaction, Colin had even said that now, he has got a reason to live. He has also said that due to his son, he wants lead a healthy lifestyle. He wants to live longer and see his son walking and enjoy every moment of his life with him. He and his wife take great care of him. They have not hired any caretaker for taking care of him and want to spend most of his time with him. Colin even takes his son along with him to several tours and never leaves him behind.

James is also very fond of his father and does not want to stay away from his father. His father also makes him do several exercises which the doctors have asked him to do for better improvement. Colin has also changed his working schedule according to his son’s schedule so that he does not have leave him alone in the home. He is very much concerned about his son and his health issues and also takes him for regular check-ups to the doctor.

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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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