Jim Jones 

Published : Jun 28 2017 | Modified : Jun 28 2017

Jim Jones is a very well-known leader and is an American cult leader and saint. He is still remembered for his fearless attitude and leadership spirit.

Personal life

James Warren Jones was born in the year 1931 on May 13th in a backward region of Indiana. His mother was Lynette Putnam and his father was James Thurman Jones. His parents belonged to Irish and Welsh descent. His childhood was not very easy. From childhood, he had to face many financial difficulties which was mainly due to the Great Depression. Jones’ family had to shift to a small town of Lynn during the year 1934.

Despite of his financial instabilities, he had kept up his hobbies alive within himself. He was a great reader and read whenever he got some free time. Some of his favourite authors were Adolf Hitler, Mao Zedong, Joseph Stalin and Karl Marx. He had a keen political interest and was very fond of such matters. He always noted down the various advantages and disadvantages of such political matters and also carried out discussions with his parents.

Though he had very less very number of friends, he usually remained engrossed in the books and later, he also developed a keen interest towards the religion. However, due to some personal issues, his parents had to separate and he had to shift with his mother to Richmond. He completed his education from the Richmond College. He then married a nurse, Marceline Baldwin who passed away with Jones in the same accident during the year 1978.


Jones had worked as a social leader before he met an early death in the year 1978. He started his journey through the Communist Party of United States of America. He was harassed a lot after the McCarthy Hearings. His mother also worked with him and her first focus was Paul Robeson due to which she was harassed by the government of the country. Jones’s Marxism was going through a stage of instability during the long trial period of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg.

Jones has also worked as a racial integrationist during 1960. He took advantage of the media, the radio and television to promote the new outlets. His racial integration could be seen in the telephone companies, churches, restaurants and many others. He believed in the unification of the blacks and the whites. He had to face a lot of hurdles for presenting such views but nothing could stop him.

Jones with his wife Marceline, has also formed the Rainbow Family by adopting several children. He, with his wife, had adopted seven children to set a social example for the racialists who stood against their social views. They were the biological parents of John Victor Stoen. Jones’s biggest project was the foundation of People's Temple Agricultural Project which was also known as Jonestown and was built to support the socialistic problems of the country. The homosexuality of Jones has been in the news though not one of them has been confirmed yet.

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