John Dickerson

John Frederic Dickerson was born in 1968, in Washington, USA. Dickerson grew up with three sisters and one brother. He graduated in 1987 (from Sidwell Friends School) and holds a degree in English with Distinction (University of Virginia).

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John is married to Anne McKeehan and has a son and a daughter. He is very religious. Dickerson claims religiosity helps fight vanity and pride and helps him become mindful of every person’s humanity. His family is of great importance in his life, and besides religion, his source of strength and life energy.

Following mother’s footsteps – pursuing journalism career

John followed his mother’s footsteps when it comes to career: his mother Nancy Dickerson Whitehead was a pioneering television newswoman who inspired John to pursue a career in journalism. Nancy Dickerson was the first journalist to interview President Kennedy after his inauguration, and she was President Johnson’s favorite reporter: whenever he’d address on-camera, he’d say “Hello Nancy.” These and many other situations made his mother the journalist-star of the 60’s. Dickerson published a book about the relationship he had with his late mother titled “On her trail” (2006). In this book, John not only describes his and his mother’s relationship but he also describes wealth he grew up in, his home mansion and his childhood with sisters.


The host of Face the Nation show on CBS News is also the political director of CBS News. Before starting to work for Slate, John was working at Time magazine for 12 years. Today Dickerson is political columnist for Slate magazine.  John hosts Slate’s podcasts that have millions of listeners all over the US.

John’s style of asking questions

Many refer to Dickerson as to a master of the game because of his manner of asking questions. Best known is the situation in which he made Bush feel quite uncomfortable and unable to answer the questions. His questions hit the weak spots and make people blush. This straightforward style of asking questions is what made him famous and gave him the title “master of the game”. 


John Dickerson is a popular podcast personality. He makes a significant contribution to Slate’s podcasts: “The Whistlestop” is a historical podcast about US presidential campaigns over the years. “The Political Gabfest” is a podcast that covers all current happenings in US politics today.

What people say about John

Most of his colleagues and friends say he is quite different from other journalist and politic correspondents. The difference is, as they say that he has a truly good soul, he’s friendly, and he cares about people. John is very attached to his family and, as mentioned before, his family is his everlasting source of happiness and joy, as you can see on his Twitter profiles. Besides political statements and comments, Dickinson shares photos of his dog, messages sent from his daughter and many more private snapshots from his life. All of his 1.37 million Twitter followers can read his comments on the race for the White House every day, and read the opinion of this influent political correspondent and moderator of Face the Nation.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 6 Jul, 1968
Age: 51 yrs
Occupations: Journalist
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Washington, D.C.
Education: University of Virginia
Gender: Male
Description: American journalist
Twitter Id: Jdickerson
Spouse: Anne Dickerson [M. 1995]
Net Worth 2021: 4 million
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Last Modified: Feb 19 2023
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