Kristen Alfonso

Kristen Alfonso was born on the fifth of September in the year 1963 in a town called Brockton in Massachusetts. She spent her childhood in Brockton, Massachusetts and graduated in the year 1982 from Brockton High School. In the year 1979, she posed for the cover of a magazine titled ’Seventeen’. She excelled at figure skating and won the gold medal for figure skating at the ’Junior Olympic Figure Skating Championship’ when she was only thirteen years of age. However, later that year she was involved in an accident which ended her career in figure skating.

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Despite the accident, Kristen Alfonso did not lose hope in life. She began her career in modelling and had posed for the cover of more than thirty magazines by the time she was fifteen. It is astonishing to note that she had appeared on magazines like ’Vogue’ and ’Harper’s Bazaar’ by the age of fifteen.

According to her biography, Kristen Alfonso started her acting career with a TV movie titled ’The Starmaker’ in the year 1981. Her career took on an exponentially increasing curve when she started playing the role of ’Hope Williams Brady’ in the show ’Days of Our Lives’ in the month of April in 1983. However, in the year 1987, Alfonso left the show in order to play a role in a night time soap opera called ’Falcon Crest’. This two year stint had her playing the role of ’Pilar Ortega’ for the final few seasons.

Kristen Alfonso returned to play her character ’Hope’ in the show ’Days of Our Lives’ for a few months after her stint with ’Falcon Crest’. In the year 1993, she starred in a movie called ’Joshua Tree’, where she played the role of a cop. In 1994, she returned to play the role of ’Hope’ for a short period. She has also appeared in the hit TV series titled ’Friends’ for their sixth season. She had also started a jewellery line in 2006 called the ’Hope Faith Miracles’.

Kristen Alfonso has also starred in several other shows like ’Melrose Place’, ’Murder, She Wrote’, ’Baywatch’, ’Amazing Stories’, ’Who’s the Boss?’, ’Love Stories’, ’MacGyver’, ’Full House’, and ’Burke’s Law’. She has also appeared in a movie called ’Night of The Comet’ in the year 1984. She has recently signed a contract with the ’Days of Our Lives’ team.

Kristen Alfonso’s net worth is estimated to at 5.5 million US dollars as of 2015. She is one among the soap opera stars with one of the highest net worth. She stands tall at a height of five feet and four inches. She was initially married to Simon Macauley between the years 1987 to 1991. The couple had a son named Gino who was born in October, in the year 1990. However, the couple filed for divorce in 1991. She married husband Danny Daggenhurst in October 2001. They have two children together. Kristen Alfonso is currently at the age of fifty two. Despite her age, she continues to work at her career like never before.

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