Laura Govan

Born on 21st September, 1979 in Oakland, California in the United States of America, Laura Govan is a renowned Black-American reality show star. The 36 year old lady is best known for her role in the famous VH1 "Basketball Wives: LA"  reality show. The 2011 show is quite dramatic but it is widely watched by numerous fans.  She starred as the wife of the NBA ALL Star "Agent Zero", best known as Gilbert Arenas. She has two siblings, Gloria Govan and Lonnie Govan.

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Early life

This is a crucial part of Laura’s bio that most people know about. At only the age of seven, Laura was hit by a drunk driver who dragged her along for nearly a block. The accident was dreadful and Laura was badly injured. In fact, she was in a coma for about 3 months. After her recovery, Laura was in a bad shape and could not walk or talk. She was under physical therapy for long but she eventually relearned that with time. Actually, she came out strong and joined sports like football, baseball, tennis and basketball.


Laura is not only educated but also very passionate about sports. She did exemplarily well that after her high school education, she joined the New Mexico State University where she played basketball and became the star in the game.

In her undergraduate studies, Laura studied and successfully graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in BA in International Business.

She later on earned herself a full-ride scholarship to New Mexico State University for her postgraduate education. She worked hard and earned a Master's Degree in Sports Psychology.

After her graduation, she was offered a position to become  Sanata Carla University's women's basketball team head coach. The reason though was her pregnancy.


Laura Govan was working as a Public Relations officer for the Sacramento Kings, Lakers team in Los Angeles. Interestingly, she was also the assistant to the famous basketball player, Shaq. All these jobs were before her engagement to Gilbert.

In the year 2011, Laura became a celebrity after her participation in the TV reality show that is pretty chaotic, "Basketball Wives: LA". Of course the celebrity status came as a good thing for her on top of her already established personality.

Laura has taken the TV personality career path seriously afterwards, and we should expect bigger things from her.

Personal life

Laura’s personal life is quite a crust of her bio.  First, she is a proud mother of 4 children, two sons and 2 daughters. The father of her kids is none other than her long term boyfriend/fiancé/husband, Gilbert Arena. The relationship between Laura and Arena is quite confusing. The two have been dating for years but they have never gotten married, at least legally speaking. However, the two lived together as husband and wife together with their four children until their bad split in 2014.

Gilbert had engaged Laura and gave her a $1Millio0n dollar engagement ring, which he was later sued for having sold without her consent, following a misunderstanding. He however defended himself and reported that he had returned it to her.

Their relationship has not been a smooth ride. The bumps they have come across are many, from cheating rumors and misunderstandings. Laura was rumored to have had a secret affair with Shaq, whose wife even filed for a divorce although the leaked emails credibility was highly doubted.

After the delivery of her first child, Laura had a tremendous weigh gain, which was not a thing she liked much. She started working out and her current weight loss is amazing. She also encourages people to lose weight from her videos.

All in all, Laura is living a good life with a net worth of about $10million dollars. Although people claim that the highest portion is from Gilbert’s $200 million fortune, which she has defended.


Laura is not just a beautiful woman but also very brilliant. She loves her children and she has always been strong in what she believes in. besides, her ambition is admirable and more success is definitely coming her way. Follow her on social media to keep yourself updated.

Quick Facts
Net Worth 2021: 1 million
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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