Suzanne Perry

Suzanne Perry is famously known for being the wife of the famous TV personality, Keith Morrison and the mother to Matthew Perry, a renowned and successful actor. Suzanne Perry is definitely a brilliant woman. She studied journalism in Canada which prepared her for a long career in the industry.

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Suzanne Perry has had many jobs in her life. She has always been ambitious and really worked hard to get to the best that she could. She has worked as a press aide to a Canadian former prime minister named Pierre Trudeau. She worked there for quite some time and only left in 1980 to get married.

She has also been on television for some time. She once admitted that she made a fool out of herself in front of hundreds of thousands of people, especially on Canadian broadcasts.

Between 1980 and 1981, she was a journalist anchor on Global Television News which aired in Canada. Her beauty was obviously appealing to many people, which helped her early career as a model. That was her passion and she did it really well.

Apart from those careers, She is also a writer. She has published quite a number of publications that have attracted a huge number of readers. She is also a consultant. She does a number of consultancies. She is also a good therapist to her clients, whom she offers great advice.

She is also a political fund-raiser. She has worked for a number of politicians and her strategies and wisdom made her excel in that field of work.

Marriage & Divorce

She was once married to John Bennett Perry in 1968. They divorced in 1970. During her first marriage, Suzanne gave birth to his famous actor son, Mathew Perry. Suzanne stayed single afterward for several years until she met Keith Morrison.

She and Keith dated for some time and eventually got married in the year 1981. Ever since they have been happily married and have four kids together. Their children are Caitlin, who was born in 1981, Emily born in 1985, Willy born in 1987, and Madeleine who was born in 1989. She is a happy and proud mother.

Social Media Presence

Suzanne Perry is a beautiful lady who is looked upon by many people as their mentor. You can follow her on social media platforms, especially on her Facebook page, where she keeps fans updated about herself and her gorgeous family.

Quick Facts
Net Worth 2021: 4 million
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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