Lee Angel

Lee Angel is famous for being the ex-girlfriend of a famous singer Little Richard, one of the most prominent figures in rock and roll.

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Background and Age

Audrey Robinson is also known as Lee Angel was born in the 1940s.

Career and Net Worth

Lee Angel worked as an exotic dancer. She was in the entertainment spotlight for being a close companion of the legendary pop star, Little Richard. She was a rock and roll star's dream, a behind the stage resource who applied a powerful power over stars like Little Richard, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, and Jackie Wilson. She was both a vaudeville legend and a definitive rock and roll insider. When John Lennon and Yoko Ono got together, Apple executives made hatched a plan and asked Angel to break them up however she decided that she would have no part of the shabby plan.

For Angel, everything started as an out of the blue accident. In 1956, she was finished with high school for the afternoon and out doing a task for her stepmom. All the students were amped up for an enormous dance that night with Little Richard. With his "Long Tall Sally" raging the Top 10, the berserk, self-proclaimed king of rock and roll was pacing the floor when he saw Angel's stunning body coasting along the walkway.

When one of Little Richard's people came to ask her for a meeting, she ensured that she was too young. Curiosity kicked in and she decided to stroll in the room, took one gander at Richard, and eventually made a life long companion.

The pair's instant close bond turned into a practically mythic coalition, one that reproduced a lot of shocking tales, due in no little part to Richard's notable switch-hitting hyper-sexuality and affinity for organizing the most untamed blow out parties. Lee said Little Richard would have various ladies running around all the time along with his eccentric cast of celebrity friends.

Relationship with Little Richard

Lee Angel and Little Richard met each other when Lee was 16 and Richard was 24 years old. Lee was a dancer at that time when Richard showed interest in meeting with her. Lee described their first encounter, “Someone came up to me on the street and said, ‘Excuse me, Little Richard wants to meet you,’?” They fell in love with each other and while not legally married, they remained very good friends for the rest of their lives.

Lee liked jazz more than rock and roll but she never felt any pressure from Richard. She always chose to listen to her own music and appreciated that Richard never pressured her. She also recalls that she actually hated his songs. This was before they had met each other in 1956. Lee had just finished high school for the day and other kids were excited about Richard’s performance that day but not her, "It was 1956, I was done with high school for the day and out doing an errand for my stepmom. All the kids were excited about the big dance that night with Little Richard, but they said, ‘We know you won’t be there,’ because I hated Little Richard’s music.”

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