Lisa Ann Russell

Actress Lisa Ann Russell has managed to pull a lot of talk in the celebrity world, both in her public and private life as well. She was born in the state of Illinois, on 21st March 1972. She started her acting career after college where she stared in ‘Saved by the bell’. This is exactly where she met her first husband Mark Gosselaar. She shot into the limelight when she became a model for Revlon and stared in two movies ‘Twisted Love’ and ‘Kounterfeit’.

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Lisa started out as a fashion model for Revlon before she launched out into acting full time. Currently she is still acting and features in many films and TV series. She first played a major role on TV when she appeared in the show ‘Saved by the Bell: The College Years’. Co- Staring in the show was her first husband and it is where they fell in love.

She is also very famous for the roles she played in Kounterfeit and Twisted Love. She has also had her share on the cat walk where she has modeled for several designers. Her modeling career was quite short lived after she got a break into the acting scene.

Love Life

Her first love was Mark- Paul Gosselaar, whom they started out as boyfriend and girlfriend. This relationship blossomed as they did the TV series where they ended up getting married in 1996. Mark is also a famous actor having start in shows like, ‘saved by the bell’, and ‘NYPD’. The two lived in Los Angeles California where they managed to get two children, Michael and Ava Lorenn. Unfortunately they made an announcement that they were divorcing in 2010 after four years in marriage. Lisa made the surprise announcement that she had decided to call it quits after 13 years together.

In 2011, Lisa announced that she was getting married again to survivor series host, Jeff Probst. This came as a surprise to many as it was just a few months after her divorce. Jeff is a well-known TV producer and director of whom they are still together to date. The interesting thing is the fact that Lisa had been seen partying a lot after the separation but Mark was more at home with the kids.


This is one of the celebrities that have managed to keep her income quite private. Her actual net worth and salary is not specified. But you can tell that she is living well with her current husband who is also a professional in the TV scene. Working together with Jeff they must be making some pretty good money as Lisa is a co- host in Jeff’s ‘the Jeff Probst’ show on TV.

Though not very conspicuous, you cannot miss her beautiful face in pictures. Currently on her social media account she has most of her posts with Jeff, which is expected. Lisa still tries to keep her personal life as private as possible avoiding the lime light as she has done all her life. She has not had a lot going on in this new relationship which many could have expected; like a child of course but remember, she remarried at 40.

Quick Facts
Net Worth 2021: 2 million
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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