Lucille Ball

Lucille Ball was an American comedian, television and film actress, studio executive and a model. She was born on August 6, 1911 and lived fully to an age of 78. She died on April 26th, 1989 of dissecting aortic aneurysm.  She was one of the influential and popular stars in the US of her time. She had one of the longest careers in Hollywood. She is most remembered for starring in I love Lucy, The Lucy Show etc.

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She has had many awards and recognitions to her credit. She was nominated for the Emmy Awards 13 times of which she won four times. She has also been the recipient of the Golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille Award in 1979. She was also a recipient of the Women in Film Crystal Awards and she was one of the first to receive it. She has also been on the receiving end of the Lifetime Achievement award by Kennedy Center Honors in 1986. Lucille was married to Desi Arnaz for a while before marrying Gary Mortan.

Lucille met Desi Arnaz while they were filming a stage hit called Too Many Girls in 1940. Arnaz was a band leader. They hit it off immediately and became boyfriend and girlfriend. They eloped and got married, the same year. Ball had filed for divorce in 1944 but the couple had since reconciled their differences. In July 17th 1951, the couple gave birth Lucie Désirée Arnaz, their first child. A year and half later, Desiderio Alberto Arnaz IV, their second child was born. Their company was growing and so was the stress. It took a toll on the couple who finally divorced each other on 4th of May, 1960 after filming the final episode of The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour. The reasons for divorce as told by Ball were that living with Arnaz was like a ‘nightmare’. Though even after their divorce, Arnaz and Ball continued to remain friends until Arnaz died in 1986. Arnaz was not known to be involved in an extra marital affair.

After their divorce, Ball met Gary Mortan, the same year. They got involved and got married in 1961 much to everyone’s disbelief. Ball was older to Mortan by 13 years. The couple had got a prenuptial agreement drafted and signed to silence the rumors that Mortan was a gold digger. Mortan was involved in Ball’s career as a manager. Their marriage lasted for 27 years. Mortan may have thought that working with his wife would be an easy task but he was in for a ride. Ball sued to accuse him of ‘standing around’, and insult him publicly in the sets and asked him to shut up. However, Mortan got to enjoy a luxurious life at his wife’s expense and hence, bore everything. Mortan lived a luxurious life as golfer and a car collector with his wife, until her untimely death

Before marrying Ball, Morton was married to an American actress named Susan Morrow .They got married in 1953 but they separated in 1954 and finally annulled their marriage in 1957.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 6 Aug, 1911
Age: 108 yrs
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Jamestown
Gender: Female
Description: American actress, comedian and businesswoman (1911-1989)
Spouse: Desi Arnaz[1940-1960]
Gary Morton[1961-1989]
Net Worth 2021: 60 million
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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