Marcia Macmillan

Marcia Macmillan, born March 24, 1970, is a professional, Canada-based, senior news anchor. She currently occupies a noteworthy position at the CTV News Channel, where she regularly broadcasts during the evening news on weekday evenings.

Professional & Educational Background

Marcia is profoundly experienced in the field of television journalism. Prior to securing her rightful place at CTV News, Marcia offered her services to the community with health reporting and anchoring for CHCH TV in 2003, and in Toronto, in 2004. She offered timely, compelling coverage during her riveting report of the SARS outbreak in the latter location. Additionally, her career entailed presenting substantial issues with undiluted objectivity, while projecting a sound sense of professionalism, and mastering her eloquent delivery.

Marcia’s experience encompasses many other impressive feats. She enthralled audiences as the host of the CKWS news program at Kingston, Ontario in 1998. She delivered her reports with seamless clarity, infallible professionalism, and an admirable ease that both lulled and piqued the interest of audiences. She also served as a news anchor and host for MCTV in both the North Bay and Sudbury areas. Her work history is indicative of a solid mastery of her field, while she has undoubtedly succeeded; undeterred at every company she has worked for.

CTV News’ most valuable asset hails originally from Ancaster, a beautiful, idyllic community in Ontario. She successfully acquired her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Western Ontario, majoring in Political Science. These academic pursuits bestowed her with a comprehensive background in the structure and functions of the political world. Such a curriculum – nearly inevitably, one would say – served as an apt foundation for her participation in the journalism field down the line. After graduating, she proceeded to obtain her degree in journalism at the prestigious Ryerson University Graduate School of Journalism. This institution is hailed for its distinct career focus. Accordingly, her educational background has aptly reflected her insurmountable dedication to journalism.

Prior to embarking upon her journalism career, she championed the performing arts with an insatiable passion. In fact, Marcia envisioned a fruitful career in the field of acting, before she developed an interest in the world of news. At the age of ten, she had an experience that would forever alter her future and her career path. More specifically, she watched intently as a female journalist presented and hosted a news program, which made the now famous Canadian news anchor shift her attention from acting, to becoming a news anchor. What caught Marcia’s attention the most, was the female journalist’s eloquent and excitingly professional attire, as well as everything this career seemed to embody.


Marcia Macmillan has presented many intriguing breaking news stories for the CTV News Channel. She delivered extraordinary coverage of the G20 in Toronto, garnering huge ratings for her station during the presentation of this event. Even as one person, she could clearly lead with a presiding influence on a prevalent news station.

Marcia won the prestigious RTNDA award for her exceptionally insightful presentation of the Buffalo plane crash in 2009. This award recognizes only the most distinguished professionals in the field. She has also delivered many superb presentations with precision and ease, including the conducting of interviews to the Pakistani Prime Minister Bhutto, as well as detailed coverage of both the Canadian Federal Elections and the US Presidential Elections. These journalistic pieces showcased Marcia’s talents in the most favorable light.

The secret of Marcia’s success is her consummate work ethic and willingness to transcend limitations. She has always provided exemplary reports to the public, while preserving talents and ethics in other areas. Being the infallible professional that she is, Marcia has always maintained a delicate and critical balance between ethical principles and corporate demands. She recognizes her invaluable responsibility in the journalistic sphere, as many news watchers rely explicitly on the information gleaned from news shows. She recognized the immensity of her responsibility to informing the public, as well as the critical nuances that shape the delivery and the perception of information.

Marcia’s career persona is a composite of many invaluable skillsets. The specialized skills that she gleaned from academic settings served their rightful place, and fruitfully enhanced her performance in every professional work setting. However, her professional experiences endowed her with a more elusive type of skill, one that could only arise during the pragmatic application of her learned abilities. Supreme public presentation and rhetorical skills were obvious requirements. Furthermore, along with this faultless exhibition of communicative talent, other skills gradually began to emerge over time. This included the capacity to engage widespread audiences of different demographic backgrounds while remaining objective on her personal standpoints. This skill was an inherent trait in Marcia, bur her professional experiences enlivened the potency of her speech and delivery in a manner that captivated the masses.


She is the proud winner of the prestigious RTDNA Award.

Personal Interests

Marcia is enamored with every element of her profession, and she has had the delight of interviewing a number of iconic people and celebrities. The basis of this stems not from the love of celebrity, but rather, the capacity to courteously probe the depths of an iconic figure’s thought processes and life experiences. The interview aspect of Marcia’s career is both rewarding and satisfying, more so than any other facet of her profession. In a recent interview, Marcia noted that interviewing cultural icons and celebrities is the most riveting and compelling aspect of her career. It imparted her the unique ability to peel the superficial layers of one’s famed status, and unveil the sentient person underneath. It enabled her to forge a connection between the interviewed party and viewing audiences. Furthermore, her interviews served to capture the humanity in even the most disdainful figures known on Earth. She counterbalanced her objectivity with a poignant and moving portrayal of everyone she has interviewed, and this evoked an emotional response that was unique to each viewer. For this reason, the process of meeting world icons and participating in interesting conversations has always reigned supreme in Marcia’s life.

Marcia’s interviews were not simply an influx of challenging questions. They were an avenue through which she could surpass the boundaries of news publications, textually recorded information and typical media coverage of worldly figures. Every interview that she conducted managed to unveil a facet of an icon of celebrity that was previously unknown. She simultaneously interviewed these figures, while presenting a new persona to the general public. This inborn talent was truly the crux of her insatiable efforts and successes in her respective industry. She aimed not to interview for mere personal gain, but rather, to reveal the discredited humanity that every iconic figure has underneath.

While Marcia initially began as a reporter, she cultivated and honed her talents to solidify the status she occupies today. She finds her position of anchorperson to be both invaluable and fulfilling. Her current status in the industry is a result of firm dedication and a genuine love for the field. Her pursuits have never been monetarily driven, nor have they ever been an attempt at status or recognition. It is her intrinsic awareness for the need of these types of services that has fueled her throughout the course of her profession. But most importantly, her in depth involvement in this industry has given rise to an indescribable level of personal accomplishment. Her success, ultimately, is not measurable in terms of accomplishments, as she has redefined success as ‘fulfillment in what she does’.

When prodded for information about her most inspiring role models, Macmillan listed her mother, grandmother, and her fourth or fifth grade school teachers. Although Marcia is someone frequently credited for interviews with famous figures, her most fundamental sources of support were family and those closest to her. These figures taught her a few chiefly important lessons that she seems to continue to apply to numerous aspects of her life. The first lesson that she learned was that success burgeons from within. She realized that even in the absence of extrinsic motivations, she could harness an undying drive to achieve her dreams. The next critical lesson that these figures helped her internalize is that her life is the product of her thoughts and her decisive actions. Accordingly, Marcia has analyzed every professionally related move with apt precision and strategic evaluation. This was a critical skill to develop, in the context of her industry, because personal presentation is one of the most priceless assets that one can possess as an anchor person. And finally, she learned that she should never compromise her values for materialistic gain. As noted, even during her competitive pursuits in the industry, she maintained awareness of her ethical values.

Marcia derives a collective sense of enjoyment from her success, sharing her feats with her boyfriend and mother at celebratory dinners. To this day, she pursues her dreams valiantly, and severs ties with those who flout her aspirations. With the aid of undeviating persistence, strong work ethic and exemplary journalism, she will make her dreams come true. Possessing a lovely sense of humor, she tends to make others around her happy and joyful, bringing happiness to herself in the process.

Quick Facts
Date of Birth: 24-03-1970
Alma Mater: Ryerson University, University of Western Ontario
Birth Place: Ontario, Canada
Nationality: Canadian
Ethnicity: White
Profession: News anchor
Employer: CTV News, CHCH-TV
Net Worth: N/A
Marital Status: Not Yet
Birth Sign: Acer
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Published : Oct 17 2013
Modified : Jun 26 2016