Mat Best

Mathew Alfred Best is an internet personality, entrepreneur, and former US Army Ranger from the United States. Best enlisted in the United States Army immediately after graduating from high school, serving five deployments with the 2nd Ranger Battalion before working for the Central Intelligence Agency as a private contractor.

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He has a popular funny YouTube channel, has starred in one self-made film, and has written a biography on his military experience. Best is also one of the co-founders of Black Rifle Coffee.


Best grew up in Santa Barbara, California, after being born in El Paso, Texas.

At the age of 17, three months after graduating from high school, Best enlisted in the United States Army. His father fought in the United States Marine Corps during the Vietnam War, and both of his brothers served in the United States Marine Corps during the Iraq War.

He served with the 2nd Ranger Battalion for five tours, four in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. Best served as a contractor for the Central Intelligence Agency after leaving the military and earning his Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts from Ashford University.


He runs a prominent satirical channel on YouTube, where he creates videos for military personnel, veterans, and the firearms community. When Best returned from contracting missions overseas, he began shooting videos in El Paso with then-United States Air Force member Jarred Taylor.

The channel has also created several music videos, the most notable being "Bitch I Operate," which reached number 36 on the Billboard charts.

The channel had around 1.46 million subscribers as of 2021.

In 2012, Best co-founded the business Article 15 Clothing with fellow veteran Jarred Taylor.

Best is still the CEO of Article 15 Clothes[b], a company that makes "humorous clothing... for the military community." Six military veterans founded the company has since grown to include two whiskey brands and rum and wheat beer.

Range 15, a crowd-funded film produced by Article 15 and another clothing manufacturer, Ranger Up, was released in 2016. Best appeared in the movie alongside a cast of other veterans, including three Medal of Honor recipients, and Marcus Luttrell, author of the novel Lone Survivor, made a film of the same name. At the GI Film Festival, the film was named Best Film. Black Rifle Coffee Company is a coffee roasting company based in the United States.

Best founded Black Rifle Coffee Company with Evan Hafer, Jarred Taylor, and Richard Ryan in 2014 after a successful test roasting coffee under Article 15 Clothing with "Freedom Roast."

They pushed the company using inflammatory YouTube videos, which Best described as "far over the top" to CBS News. Others chastised the corporation for the following two occurrences in 2017: an endorsement from Donald Trump Jr. and a vow to hire 10,000 veterans after Starbucks pledged to hire 10,000 refugees in the aftermath of US President Donald Trump's travel restrictions.

Personal Life

Mat is a married man, which reflects his personal life. He married Noelle Best, a well-known social media figure. The couple hasn't said anything about how they met yet.

In the meantime, he developed into a caring and loving husband. Despite this, Best was seen with a girl at a public cafe and is suspected of having an adulterous connection. The rumor, however, turned out to be false. Mat and his family have a pleasant and affluent existence. The couple, on the other hand, has yet to have a kid. Mat enjoys cuisine and spends a lot of time listening to music. They are currently living peacefully together, with no rumors.

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Last Modified: Feb 19 2023
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