Maureen Blumhardt

Maureen Blumhardt is known as the wife Charles Barkley, a famous American Basketball player.

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Background and Age

Maureen Blumhardt was born on January 15, 1960 in Scottsdale, AZ.

Marriage, Husband, and Children

Maureen met her future husband, NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley in a restaurant called City Avenue. Back then, Maureen was working as legal aid and as a model. When they got married, Charles was a member of Philadelphia’s basketball team, The 76ers. Their marriage was not so popular back in the days, due to the race differences between them. She is white, while her husband is African American. Charles’ father, Glenn confessed that he was a little nervous about his son’s wedding but he trusted that he would make the right decision.

Charles was scared about the idea of getting married considering that he didn’t believe in the success of a marriage. But he married Maureen and he admits that his life changed. Maureen made him change his habits, he used to hang out with his teammates and played a lot of golf. After he got married, he traded these habits with household chores like vacuuming and cleaning.

When Maureen married Charles, they decided to avoid the press and media spotlight, so they did it in front of a judge. For Maureen, the classic wedding was a waste of money and energy and she thinks of it as being overrated. She remembers that before the wedding, Charles was very nervous and tended to get very emotional.

In 1989 they had a daughter, whom they named Christiana. She is the split image of her parents. Both Maureen and Charles think of her as the best gift life could give them. They love her more than anything and they did everything in their power to provide for her the best.

Maureen’s husband, Charles, maintains high professionalism and excellence in his career and therefore has become a basketball icon and fan favorite. Judging from her husband’s success, Maureen is lucky to have Charles as a life partner. Besides being an analyst and former NBA player, Maureen’s husband has also done a hosting job on American Race. The reality show follows Barkley in his endeavors across America.

Career and Net Worth

When Maureen Blumhardt worked as a model, she appeared in some TV commercials where she had to promote Noblerex K-1. It was a new product meant for relaxation- it was a machine based on vibrations that acted as a massage helper.

Maureen Blumhardt is a member of the Fresh Women’s Foundation. This non-profit organization encourages female emancipation through work and education. The members of the organization believe in offering equal chances for women and providing education where it could get harder to achieve.

In addition to being a member of a women-based organization, Maureen also commits herself to humane purposes such as bringing a transformation to underprivileged women. To achieve this, Maureen employs three basic methods: education and training as well as engagement. Having worked in the position of a legal aide, Maureen better understood what it means to offer assistance and thus, is extremely handy in the foundation.

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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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