Paige Dunham

Paige Dunham was born on March 13, 1968 in Savannah, Georgia. She was known for being married to the famous stand up comedian, Jeff Dunham.

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Paige spent her childhood in growing up in Amelia Island, Florida. While she was in middle-school, her parents decided to move to West Palm Beach. She graduated from Clemson University in South Carolina where a majored in business.

Meeting Jeff

After college, Paige got pregnant with her first child, Bree Aleece. In 1991, she decided to home to West Palm Beach in order to give birth to her daughter. She felt that she needed to go back home to ask her parents for their support. She was a young mom and needed their help to raise her child.

That year proved to be a very eventual year for Paige. Not only did she give birth to her first child, she met Jeff Dunham who would end up becoming her husband in the future. After only three months of dating, the couple decided to get married. It was very shocking that they got married after only a short time knowing each other. Most people agree that you don’t really get to know someone until after a year. For Jeff and Paige to get married after only dating for three months either meant that they were crazy and not aware of the risk they were taking or that they had such strong chemistry that believed they were each other’s soul mate.

There is no information available on who the father of Paige’s first child was but his absence might have played a role in Paige’s quick marriage to Jeff. She was alone with a child had no man to support her. When she met Jeff, she must have seen him a strong potential mate to start a family with. When he proposed to her, she knew that she had to say yes to secure her future even though she barely knew Jeff.

Their engagement lasted one year before they got married in 1992. They enjoyed three years as a married couple until they decided to take their relationship to a next level. In 1995, Paige gave birth to their baby, Ashlyn Evelyn. They were so happy with the birth of their first baby. The new child reinforced their relationship and made their strong bonder. The love that their child brought to their world validated their decision to marry so quickly.

In 1997, the Dunhams had another child, named Makeena Paige. Jeff was now in a household full of girls but he enjoyed being a loving father to them.

Helping Hand in Jeff’s Career

Even though she stayed home to take care of her children, she was still able to put her business talent to good use. She helped her comedian husband write his material and supported him in pitch meetings for show idea. Some of the ideas that they came up with at home were used in his stage performances. She was also working behind the scenes for his merchandise sales.

Quick Facts
Net Worth 2021: 20 million
Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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