Paige Dunham

In 1994, Paige started Jeff Dunham’s fan club. Paige was also involved in creating newsletters. Thanks to the large database created by his wife wife, he was awarded for Best Male Stand Up Comic at the 1997 American Comedy Awards. Jeff was popular in the comedy world because of his unique act. He would use puppets in his comedy sets to entertain his audience. People felt that he was very talented because of his ability to be a ventriloquist and comedian at the same time. Usually a person could only do one or the other. To be able to keep the audience engaged with jokes while trying to play the voice of a puppet and have a conversation with yourself was a skill that Jeff possessed.

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In 1999. Paige launched Brasma Publications and in 2003 she published Dead Walter. The book was an illustration of Walter, one of Jeff’s puppets that was used to answer fans questions during his performances.


Unfortunately, her marriage with the comedian Jeff Dunham did not last forever. In 2008, Jeff filed for a separation. Immediately Paige responded with a divorce action. The trial lasted until 2012. Paige used her experience to help other women who were dealing with marriage issues and helped them to get through the separation process easily. She dealt with lots of things while she was married to Jeff, but what bothered her most was the cheating. For her, it was the major reason that ruined their marriage.

 Charity Work

To expand her horizons, she started the Jeff and Paige Dunham Foundation while they were still married. For every ticket sold at Jeff Dunham’s show, $1 would be donated to the foundation. This is how they succeeded in gathering $35.000 in a short period of time for Hurricane Katrina Relief with the Ronald McDonald House of Houston. The media praised the couple for their kindness. The idea was Paige’s and represented her desire to help people in need. Even though she wasn’t the one bringing in the wealth of income to the household, she was a smart woman. She knew that she could leverage the money that her husband was making into a good cause. He was a superstar in the comedy world so he had some money to spare. Instead of wasting it on excess material possessions, Paige did the right thing and redirected it to people who actually needed it.

She continues to be devoted to charities and currently she blends hobbies with her charity work. She loves to run and exercise, as she found out that it has a therapeutic effect on her. Combined with her desire to be involved in charity, she started to run in marathons that are meant to raise money and awareness on different issues. She ran the half marathon in San Francisco where she was able to raise $6000 for the National Institution of Mental Health.

After the divorce from, she kept the foundation and renamed it The Paige Dunham Foundation. She continues her charity work through this organization.

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Quick Facts
Net Worth 2021: 20 million
Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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