Michael K Williams

Known for his sterling performance in movies like the road, and the incredible hulk, Michael K. Williams is an American actor. He was born on 22-11-1966, in the city of Brooklyn. He became famous for his character Omar little which he has performed on a regular basis. His career has been a remarkable one and he has acted in a number of movies and TV shows.

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Since his childhood, he faced a lot of trouble. He got himself to a school in Brooklyn. While studying, he worked in a pharmacy. His family wanted him to study well, but he left his school and also his job in a dream to become a famous dancer. He has to struggle in his early stage and he even became homeless in search of a job. Finally, his lady luck smiled and he got an opportunity to work as a supporting dancer for a musical tour. His performance was appreciated and he got more opportunities.

Career Experience:

An uneven event took place when he was about to celebrate his birthday for the 25th time. After finishing his campaigning for an ad, he got himself in a trouble and received a cut from a razor on his face and neck. He was lucky to escape a cut which nearly took off his veins. Michael says that the bruises helped him in achieving what he has now.

He got a number of offers from various photographers to pose for them with his scar. His luck changed and he got offers for shooting videos and TV shows. He got to play the role of Thug in many TV shows after this incident. In the year 1996, he got a chance to work in a drama based on criminal activities. Later after acting in Bullet, he appeared in a video song of Madonna in the year 1999. 

After this, he got more opportunities to work and in the year 2001, he reappeared in the show Law and order. He followed this appearance with another one in the year 2001 on another show called the Sopranos.

The year 2002 gave her his biggest opportunity and he grabbed it with both hands. He went onto play the famous role of Omar little in the show The Wire. He is still known for his character of Omar.

To his liking, he was mentioned as the reason why people love watching TV by the magazine the USA today. In the year 2007, his name came forward for the NAACP image awards. He was nominated for his sterling performance in the show, the wire.

After that, he went on to act in some famous shows on HBO channel and movies like Gone Baby Gone, the marine, and many more.

Personal Life:

He is a person with a perfect body. He has his scar on his face which made him popular. He is into his 50th age of his life but still there is no news about his marriage or wife. There were often rumors that he is dating someone but till now anything is not confirmed.

He has earned a lot of fans through his acting and the followers are increasing day by day on his social sites like twitter, Instagram, and facebook. He has earned a lot of money but exact amount of his net worth earning is still unavailable. It is believed that his earnings are above the mark of 1 million US dollars.

Quick Facts
Net Worth 2021: 5 million
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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