Miles Mitchell

Miles Mitchell is the son of the famous comedian and actor, Eddy Murphy and his ex-wife, Nicole Mitchell. His mother is one of the most well-liked and renowned American model. Nicole and Eddy got married on 18th  March 1993 and separated in July 2005. It was not until 5th  August 2005 that their divorce became legally valid.

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Miles Mitchell was  born on 7th  November 1992. Their family is large and he has four full-blood siblings and four step-siblings. His siblings are Christian Murphy, Eric Murphy, Bria Murphy, Shayne Audra, Zola Ivy, Bella Zahra and Angel Iris Brown.

Miles Mitchell currently lives in San Diego.


Miles Mitchell is a bright boy that went through his High School studies successfully. After he completed, he joined the University of San Diego, where he is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree. He is said to be multi-talented and very brilliant in class.


Miles Murphy is a young boy in his Twenties and yet making the most out of it. Like his dad, Miles is an actor. He became known as an actor after playing a role in  the Meat Market movie when he was only 8 years old back in the year 2000. Later on, Miles made appearances on other screen films and.

It was not until 2009 that Miles Mitchell appeared in a widely watched film, Law  & Order UK. He had a role in the famous TV series, which made the world see his exquisite acting skills.

Again in 2013, Miles Mitchell took the world by shock with his role in the Drifters. The young man is really trying his best to make a name in the acting industry, and we wish him nothing but the best. One thing for sure is that he seems to be polishing his skills pretty well as he is always better in the most current film.

Apart from acting, Miles is multi-talented and he is a musician. Miles makes his music while still in San Diego University, and he sounds great. Many say that he is young and trying to find his passion, but his voice is so sweet that we believe he is a great musician with a bright music career ahead. Miles Mitchell has been compared to established bands like One Republic, Imagine Dragons, AWOLNATION, Alex Clare and even the legendary rock band, Coldplay.

The most impressive thing about Miles Mitchell Murphy’s is that he is a one man band. He is good at playing the guitar and the piano, which he does while singing. His performance is heavenly and his talent is breathtaking.

In addition to being an actor and a musician, Miles is also a producer. Currently, the young ambitious guy is dedicated to producing his own music. He has simple production instruments but he is good at it watch out for his M music.

Personal life

Miles is a young guy with a pretty normal life. Apart from his celebrity life as an actor and musician., he seems to be coping with it. Besides, his parents are both celebrities so he must have gotten used to it when growing up. On the other hand, Miles is a pretty cool and laid back college guy who likes associating with fellow youngsters and siblings. He also loves playing basketball as a hobby.


Miles Mitchell Murphy is an up and coming actor and musician. You can follow him on his Murphy instagram account and see his photos and what he is up to currently.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 24 Nov, 2000
Age: 19 yrs
Occupations: Association football player
Birth Place: England
Gender: Male
Description: English footballer
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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