Mirai Shida

Born on 10th May 1993, Mirai Shinda is a well known actress. She is recognized for her role in The Queen’s Classroom as Kazumi Kanda. Her outstanding performance in it had made her one of the young active actresses in Japan. She has appeared in many commercials as well.

Personal Life

Mirai was born in Ayase Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. The 23 year old actress has completed her high school from Horikoshi High School. Her birth sign is Taurus. Her blood group is AB+. Mirai is not too tall; she has height of 150 CM. She is represented by her agent Ken-On. There isn’t much information available about her personal life on the internet. Mirai is very active in social media like Wiki, Instangram, Twitter, and Facebook. Her fans could follow her on these sites. She has shared her personal photos in her Instagram account. There is no information about her salary or net worth on the internet.


Mirai started the career with Eien no ½ in the year 2000. At the age of 12, she appeared in the TV series The Queen’s Classroom as Kazumi Kanda and gave her life changing performance in the series. For her age, she has appeared in many movies, TV series, dramas and commercial. She is the most active young actress in Japan.

In 2003, she appeared in Scary True Stories Spring and Kamen Rider and both movies had rating of above 7. In 2004, she appeared in River of First Love. In 2005 and 2006, she played roles in TV series The Queen’s Classroom, Tantei Gakuen Q Special, Sapuri, 14-sai No Haha.

In 2007, she appeared in few movies like Dream Again, Tantei Gakuen Q and Watashitachi no Kyokasho. In 2008, she appeared in movie as well as TV series Kabei Our Mother and Seigi No Mikata. Over the years, she appeared in many movies and TV series. Recently, she appeared in By Players playing herself.

She has done dubbing in Tomorrowland as Casey Newton and Rudolph in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Mirai has done few commercial as well like IH Cooking Heater, Tepco Hikari, Ajinmoto, Kenka, Bridgestone Cycle, Fruity, Bourbon, Nintendo, Daihatsu, etc. In 2009, a biography was released by Ameba Books as Mirai Nikki.

She has been part of few photo books as well 14-sai, 15-sai, 16-sai no Mirai in 2006, November. In 2012, she was in Mirai: Chiisai Desukedo, Nanika, in January 2014, she appeared in Arigatou.

Over the years, for her performance in various areas in the industry has helped her in winning man awards. In 2005, she won 46th Television Drama Academy Award for best new comer. In 2006, she won 2 awards for new best comer and best actress in Annual TV Life Awards 2006 and Galaxy Award.

In 2007, she won best actress award in 15th Hashida Awards for 14-year-old Mother. In 2008, she won best actress award in 58th Television Drama Academy Awards for Seigi no Mikata. She won two best new comer awards and one best actress award in 2010 Elan d'or Awards, 33rd Japan Academy Prize, 63rd Television Drama Academy Awards.

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Published : Apr 20 2017
Modified : Apr 20 2017