Suzu Hirose

Suzu Hirose is definately a well-known model and actress; she came to birth on 19th June 1998. She was born in the town of Shimizu-ku and her birth city, being Shizuoka. Suzu has an elder sister named Alice Hirose; she is also an actress and a model.

Personal life:

Hirose has kept low profile on sharing her personal life, details of her parents and their existence hasn’t been made public. The one familiar member of her family known to people is her only sibling, Alice Hirose. The educational background of her is also unknown. But this could be known that reaching so far with great success Suzu would have been a great learner.

Suzu has a boyfriend. However, no much info has been made public by Hirose with regards to her personal relationship. Hirose has a cute doll face with short hair, spreading her charm and cuteness through various films and TV dramas, TV shows and radio broadcasts. Suzu’s real name is Suzuka Oishi; however her professional name remains the same. She is active on social media sites like Wiki, Instagram, Twitter and facebook. She is on Instagram by Id hirosealice.


Hirose is known for her famous TV serials Our Little Sisterreleased in 2015) andChihayafuru Part IIand Rage, which were released in 2016. All these three serials gave her career a great boost. In the year 2014, she worked in various TV shows, like ‘Muse na Kimito’ and few more. She is a versatile actress; her talent unwinds from the different shows and films she has acted in. Suzu has acted in 15 films which include Rage, Your Lie in April, The Third Murder and Sensei!in the time span of 6 years. She has also acted in TV serials for about 8 series, few of them being Kasukana Kanojo, Gekiry?: Watashi o Oboete Imasuka and T?ky? ni Olympic o Yonda Otoko. The long list of the contribution of Suzu to the media, television industry is quite appreciable. She has been also part of music video, web drama, CD jackets, radio, bibliography, magazines, photo books.

Suzu Hirose can be easily contacted and can have a direct connected via her personal website “” and her twitter page @Suzu_Mg.She has 2.83 followers on twitter. She also the art of writing, she has published 3 magazines within 4 years and 2 photo books in 2 years. The year 2015 seems to be luckier for Suzu; she was nominated for 4 awards and all four awards were rewarded to her, 2016 also got 4 awards in 6 nominations. Suzu also received 2 awards in 2017 for Best Supporting Actress and for being the new face in this industry.

In her free time, Suzu enjoys playing basketball and different musical instruments. Suzu is a great actress; she is currently working as a famous model for a magazine, ‘SEVENTEEN’. This famous actress and model’s net worth and salary haven’t been disclosed yet. However, the hard work and success would have brought great fortune and earnings to her.

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Published : Apr 20 2017
Modified : Apr 20 2017