Morgan Michelle (Actress)

"When you’re at home, part of you feels you should be working, and when you are working part of you feels like you should be at home.  In a way, I’m envious of full-time moms, but at the same time it’s just who I am. That’s how I want my life to be because I don’t want to give up my art. I don’t want to give up passion for acting and for film, so I’m going to do my best to balance them and hope that I can inspire my kids through my work."

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-Michelle Morgan (net worth- 2 to 5 millions US dollars speculated)

Canadian actress, singer, philanthropist and blogger Michelle Morgan is best known for portraying the role of spendthrift daughter Lou Fleming, who returns to the Heartland Ranch from New York after the death of her mother, in the 2007 started hit Canadian family drama television series Heartland, which surpassed Street legal as the longest running one hour scripted drama in the history of Canadian television in March, 2015. Amazingly, Michelle has rocked the complex character since the show first season, proving her viewers that she is equally capable of pitching both comedy and drama.

Beside her on-screen acting credentials and stage presence, she is known for her live sketch comedy stints such as her performance at Laugh Sabbath and The Last comedy Show.

Born on July 16, 1981 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada to a Chilean-Canadian couple as their fourth one out of six children, Michelle was an expressive kid who enjoyed growing up moving between Vancouver and Toronto.

 Raised Catholic,Michelle started her acting career as a stage actress after graduating in drama from the University of Toronto. Her high school and university days acting experience helped her later as a stage actress. Amazingly, she earned valuable experience as a stage actress, acting in diverse range of plays from Shakespeare to a British Farce.

Now moving on to her physique, the Canadian actress of Chilean-Canadian ethnicity possesses an average tall height of 5 feet and 8 inches. As of 2016, her age is 34 but she looks like some on her 20's. Impressively, she possesses a slim body with impressive body measurements, which have not been revealed yet.  Moreover, the blued eyed beauty of Caucasian ethnicity possesses natural way brown hair, winsome face, shapely body assets including proportionate breasts, toned legs plus thighs, slim waists and charming smile.  Nevertheless, she takes the help of yoga and timely diet plans to keep her in shape. Lastly, her skin color is white.

Nonetheless, she has a great blog dedicated to her personal life and learning process on her website. There she has provided several pregnancy tips and handy experiences to her fans. Amazingly, she has maintained her weight expertly even after two pregnancy,

Talking about her relationship status, she is a married woman. While she is not acting, she likes to spend time with her 2011 born daughter, 2013 born son and loving husband. Her other prominent hobbies include riding her bike, attending concerts, spending time with friends, surfing, snowboarding, goinging to movies plus arts and culture events, writing and growing plants.

Lastly, she is mostly known for her philanthropy work with Women's Shelter, mostly for creating drama workshops for children and public speaking workshops for mother. Furthermore, her notable philanthropy contribution include being the Campaign ambassador for the #MyHomefront campaign for the nonprofit organization Homefront in 2015, and for the #IamCourage Campaign for the Brenda Strafford women's Shelter in Calgary in 2013 . Inspiringly, she is someone who has been working for children for more than a decade now.

Last but not the least, Michelle notable acting credentials other than Heartland includes movies such as Road Rage and Diary of the Dead. Amazingly, she has been portraying Heartland's Lou Fleming since 2007, more precisely for 7 seasons as of 2016. Clearly, Lou, a challenging complex character, consumes most of her time. However, she and her working-from-home husband have done brilliant job to make their marriage work. She sees a loads of similarities with Lou, as both of them are busy mom juggling the demands of family and work. However, she is happy that she has loads of supporting persona by her side who is there for her especially when she has to say bye bye to her family go to distant places because of her work demand . She sometimes thinks what life would be if she was a full time mom. Again, if that was the case, she wouldn't have been able to pursue her acting dream. 

Quick Facts
Net Worth 2021: 7 million
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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