Nathalie Asselin

Nathalie Asselin is known as an American charity director. She is most famous for being the wife of the hall of a fame hockey player, Mario Lemieux.

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Background and Age

Nathalie Asselin was born in Canada. She has not disclosed information about her family background an education history.

Career and Net Woerth

Nathalie and her husband, Mario Lemieux developed Austin's Playroom Project after their son, Austin had some birth complications. She is serving the project as a chairperson.

She is also the Vice President of The Lemieux Foundation. She works there with her husband who serves as the director. Her husband contributes a bulk of his time to the foundation, raising funds and assets to help discover a remedy for cancer.

Nathalie has hosted the Nathalie Lemieux Ladies Open, formerly known as Chicks with Sticks. The show raises funds to support operations for Austin's Playroom.

Marriage and Husband

Nathalie Asselin has been married to the legendary pro hockey player, Mario Lemieux since June 26, 1963.


The couple is proud parents of four children. Their first child was a daughter named Lauren born in April 1993. They had a second daughter named Stephanie born in 1995. Their first son, Austin was born in 1996. Austin was born prematurely and went through 71 days in the Neonatal ICU. They had a third daughter named Alexa born in 1997.

Nathalie and Mario endured a significant health alarm in 1993 after Mario was determined to have Hodgkin's disease. When Nathalie was just his fiancee and was expected to give birth to their first child. they received the bad news. There was already a great amount to deal with for Mario during his hockey season. Lemieux has confronted cancer growth, he has confronted contemplations of his own mortality, and now he was supposed to deal with a new baby, a marriage, and another house.

Those factors would make even the coolest player in the NHL nervous. Situated up in the stands at Pittsburgh Civic Arena, over the ice where he made his living as a Penguin, Lemieux moved his expansive shoulders in his white pullover sweatshirt and uncrossed his legs, exposed lower legs looking free from his pants.

He said it appeared as though everything is occurring at the same time. He ticked off all the ongoing significant occasions throughout his life. Anticipating the child, getting married in June, going into the end of the season games, the cancer growth. It was an odd last three months for him. There was a great amount going on in his life. With the help of Nathalie, Mario was able to push through it and become cancer-free for decades.

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Last Modified: Aug 18 2020
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