Niki Lauda

Niki Lauda was known as a champion Formula 1 race car driver. He is most famous for his rivalry with fellow driver James Hunt.

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Niki Lauda was born Andreas Nikolaus Lauda on February 22, 1949, into an affluent Vienna family. He wound up falling in love with auto racing at a youthful age through a general admiration of vehicles. He kept getting his fix parking relatives' cars and racing around the Austrian farmland in a 1949 Volkswagen Beetle convertible. Lauda's first race came along in 1968, at the same time, in spite of his initial achievement of placing second in that race, his family was completely against the possibility of him turning into a pro race driver.

Career (Crash & Retirement)

Lauda worked his way through the Formula 3 and 2 circuits, supporting his battling career through bank payment advances, before getting a spot on the Ferrari Formula 1 group in 1974. Ferrari was an organization with outstanding notoriety, yet one that had not had a dashing hero since 1964. Lauda turned that around in his second year as he sufficiently incorporated successes to take the title with a wide edge over the second spot.

During the German Grand Prix, Lauda slammed and crashed with his vehicle blasting into blazes. Enduring broken bones, Lauda was unfit to escape rapidly, and he harmed his lungs and got burns on his head and wrists. His rival, James Hunt won the race, and Lauda later slipped into a state of coma, alluding to retirement once he recuperated. Hunt, in the interim, proceeded to win five additional races, all of a sudden turning into the most beloved to win the title.

Lauda passed away on May 20, 2019, leaving a legacy behind for the next generation of racers such as Lewis Hamilton who dedicated his Monaco Grand Prix win to his former mentor.

Relationships (Wife & Children)

Niki Lauda was married twice. He married his first wife Marlene Knaus in 1976. The couple remained together until 1991. Marlene was a former socialite, model and style symbol. They had two children together Mathias and Lukas. Mathias Lauda emulated his father's example to turn into a race vehicle driver and his sibling Lukas Lauda is his supervisor. Niki had a child with another lady during his marriage to Marlene, this child is named Christoph. The fidelity issue flagged the breakdown of Niki's 15-year marriage to Marlene and they separated in 1991.

Niki re-married in 2008, getting married to Birgit Wetzinger. The former airline steward Birgit was 30 years younger than Niki. One year after their wedding, Birgit brought forth twins: a kid called Max and a young lady called Mia.

Net Worth

According to, the net worth of Niki Lauda is estimated to be around 200 million dollars.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 22 Feb, 1949
Age: 71 yrs
Citizenship: Austria
Birth Place: Vienna
Gender: Male
Description: Austrian former Formula 1 racing driver (1949-2019)
Net Worth 2020: 78 million
Net Worth 2021: 200 million
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Last Modified: Jun 29 2020
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