Nora Forster

Nora Forster is a well-known German publishing heiress and the wife of John Lydon. Lydon, widely known by his stage name Johnny Rotten, is an English singer and songwriter who rose to prominence as the lead singer o the British punk band "Sex Pistols" in the late 1970s

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Nora Forster was born in Munich, Germany, on November 6, 1942. She is a citizen of the United States. Her ethnicity is White, and her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Forster was born into a well-to-do family. Her father was the editor of "Der Spiel," a German magazine.

She went to a local school for her education and had a passion for music since she was a child. She began assisting her father in his Media Company after finishing her education.

Personal Life and Marriage

Nora Forster is a mother of two children and a married woman. John Joseph Lydon is said to be her second husband. Lydon, an English singer, and composer is best known for being the main singer of the British punk band "Sex Pistols" in the late 1970s. He's also the founder of the post-punk band "Public Image Ltd(PIL)." In 2002, he was included in the list of the 100 Greatest Britons after a nationwide survey.

Chris Spedding, a producer, launched Forster and Lydon for the first time in the mid-1970s. Lydon is her 14-year-old brother. They fell in love and married in 1979, despite their significant age difference. They've been married for nearly three decades and are still going strong. The pair has lived in Venice, California, since the early 1980s. They also have a residence in London.

Forster was previously married to Frank Forster, her first partner. Frank is a German vocalist who specializes in schlager music. Their daughter, Ariana Forster, was born to them. Ariana was born on January 17, 1962, in New York City. Ariana Up, better known by her stage name, was the German lead singer of the post-punk band "The Slits." On October 20, 2010, she passed away in Los Angeles.

Following Ariana's death, her teenage twin brothers, Pablo and Pedro, were given legal custody to John and Lydon. Wilton, Ari's third sibling, was also entrusted to John and Lydon as a formal guardian. In an October 2018 interview with New York's classic rock radio station Q104.3, Lydon said that his wife Forster has Alzheimer's disease. Lydon has always been Nora's biggest supporter. "Nora is the greatest woman I've ever met on God's green earth," he continued. If we started working as a pair tomorrow, there would be no one else. Never, ever, ever. "I'm not kidding."

In June 2020, he also revealed that his wife Forster's health had deteriorated and that he had taken on the role of full-time carer for her. "I am her full-time carer, and I will not allow anyone to harm her," he said. A genuine individual is always there for me. The person I love is still there every minute of every day, and that is my life. She does, unfortunately, forget things, but don't we all? Her situation, I assume, is analogous to having a chronic hangover. It grows worse as portions of the brain store less and less information until some of them vanish entirely.


Nora Forster's career as a media executive has netted her a significant fortune. Her net worth is unknown, although her husband, John Lydon, is thought to be worth around $1 million as of 2020. The pair now lives a rich and abundant lifestyle.

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Last Modified: Oct 12 2021
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