Paula Zahn

Paula Zahn is a very energetic 57 year old lady from the United States of America.  But her real introduction starts with the title journalist.  She is among the most famous and successful journalists of the America.

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Paula is a mother of three of three children.  She had these children with her husband Richard Cohen.  She was married to Cohen in 1987.  Their marriage lasted for 20 years when finally Paula decided to give her husband divorce.  She filed the divorce in 2007.  There were rumors that Paula has a boyfriend because of which she is demanding for a divorce.  But the rumors remained as rumors and did not left any impact on her personal and professional life.  However, the couple was in news for some time because of the issue of their divorce.  At the same time the issue of mismanaging of Paula’s earnings by her husband Cohen came in the news.  Paula even filed a case in the court for the same.  But the court dismissed the case considering it as a case of matrimony rather than commercial case.  The couple was also in news for eradicating the nest of a hawk.

Born in the year 1956, she has a long career as a journalist.  Nebraska is the place where a school teacher gave birth to Paula.  Paula’s father was an executive working for IBM.  He was in sales department.  Paula’s family left Nebraska for Illinois.  It was the demand of her father’s job.  Later Paula started her schooling from the same place Naperville of Illinois.  She joined the Stephens College to finish her bachelor’s in journalism.  After her graduation she started her career as a journalist and worked for many channels.  CNN, ABC, WNET, CBS and Fox are certain big names with whom Paula Zahn has worked.  She started her journey in mass media in 1978.  She was the reporter working for WFFA-TV.  Later Paula was hired by ABC in 1987.  She was hired as an anchor for a weekend show.  Later she started anchoring morning show for ABC.  Three years after her appearance on ABC she was hired by CBS, in 1990.  She worked in CBS for good nine years working in some good projects which also include the Winter Olympic of 1992.  For CBS she hosted a number of shows as well.  Her morning news show was one of her most famous shows.  She joined Fox after CBS, as an anchor for different shows.  CNN was her next destination where she reached in 2001.  She did many big and challenging projects with CNN.

Paula is a winner of Emmy Awards, nine times.  Her enthusiasm and zeal to work as journalist has helped her to won so many awards and the appreciation of critics for her work in the news industry.  She is also the winner of AWRT award.  In her successful and long career, Paula has taken the interviews of a number of important people.  This list is long and contains the name such as Mr. Carter, Mr. Bush and Mr. Clinton etc.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 24 Feb, 1956
Age: 64 yrs
Occupations: Journalist
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Omaha
Education: Stephens College
Gender: Female
Description: American journalist
Net Worth 2021: 18 million
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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