Phil Margera

Phillip Margera is the famous American reality TV personality. Phil was born on 13th July, 1957 in Concordville Pennsylvania. Phil is an accountant by profession but he is famous for appearing in Reality TV show Lil La Bam. He also appeared in CKY videos. He also did Jackass TV series and movies. The CKY drummer Jess Margera is the son of Phil. His son Bam Margera is a professional skateboarder and star of Jackass, the movie in which both Phil and his wife April Margera were appeared. Jackass movie series, CKY and Viva La Bam are the actual cause of his fame. The net worth of Phil with his wife April is estimated to be $5 million.

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Career of Phil Margera

He made his first appearance in CKY series of films. The Jackass is also much related to it, because CKY appearances were featured in it. Being a cast member of Viva La Bam along with family members was his actual showbiz world work. Apart from Viva La Bam he also appeared on VH1’s season Celebrity Fit Club, The noteworthy appearance of Phil is about his weight loss. In the very start he weighed almost 353 pounds or 160 kg. Later he reduced his weight up to 18kg coming down to 142 kg. His record of losing the weight in minimum time was later beaten by TinaYouther and BoneCrusher. Both lost weight in the four seasons. Phil told in show that he lost weight to avoid death and live longer. He did this particularly for her granddaughter as he wanted to spend time with her.

Jess and Bam

The bio of Phil Margera not only roams around his own life but also around his famous sons. Jess is a singer, song writer and musician while Bam is a Skateboarder filmmaker and TV personality. Here, the Bam Margera needs special mention. He appeared in all the Jackass movies. He not only co wrote them but also directed. Apart from Jackass he also worked for Haggard and Minghags. As far as the career in skateboarding is concerned, Margera is the member of Team Element a demonstration team of Element Skateboarders. He owns a big house spread over an area of 15 acres. The house also features a skate park in its driveway. This was also shown in the season viva La Bam. The famous works of jess include those with CKY, Gnarkill, and Fuckface unstoppable, with Viking skull and with country band.

Personal Life

Overall Phil Margera has very contented life. He married his wife April Margera who is a hairstylist, cook and a reality TV celebrity. The work of entire family including the Phil’s children Jess and Bam and his now dead brother Vincent Margera is interconnected. All the family members appeared in Viva La Bam in different characters, the death of Vincent Margera the brother of Phil left family deprived. Phil basically belongs from Italian Descent, before being a media celebrity he was also a cook like her wife April. Phil is very much attached to his granddaughter and says he always has fun while playing with her. He also made appearance in video game of the Tony Hawk’s Underground 2.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 13 Jul, 1957
Age: 62 yrs
Occupations: Accountant
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Concordville, Pennsylvania
Gender: Male
Description: American baker
Spouse: April Margera
Net Worth 2021: 3 million
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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