Ray William Johnson

RWJ is one of the famous video blogger, who publish videos on YouTube. His videos are watched by different types of audiences and the videos always go viral. His net worth is $5 Million. Born and bought up in Oklahoma City, he is now 33 years old and has graduated from Columbia University, with major subject, as History. Over the period of his popularity, there were many rumors and news about him being married and having relationships.

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According to information on net, he had been dating Anna Akana, an Actress with mixed descent in year 2011/12. However in recent past, there was news of their breakup. The community which follows the pair constantly on the internet says that, Ray paved the way to Anna’s success. Of course, it appears that she also thoughtfully supplemented his efforts by her own creativity. Hence, she was able to come to limelight.

Before the chapter of Anna, there was news about Ray, dating Tessa Violet also called as Mikakitty. She was former model and vlogger, since 2006. She was said to be a ‘Close friend’ of Ray and took part and active interest in many of Ray’s projects, in 2010. There were strong rumors about them, having a crush on each other and also being emotionally involved. There were questions raised by interested communities asking the way they met each other, in the first place. This was answered by some netizens, indicating the name of person as Will, who is cousin of Tessa and introduced Ray to her on an occasion. Will is Ray’s roommate and is Gay. 

Ray is known to have negative opinion about this aspect and is more involved in opposite sex, as he is straight. It is also spoken about Mikakitty as being the first one to transmit the ‘signal of affection’ and Ray responding to it. Further details are not very clear and are said to be more fictional in nature. Due to reason not being well known, they moved ahead in their life on their own paths, which, at least, are not meeting anywhere.

There was no information available, if Anna and Tessa ever met each other on any occasion or known each other for that matter, but there are high chances that Ray has shifted his personal interest from Mikakitty, once he met Anna Akana. Anyone, who sees both of these girlfriends, would agree on the fact that they both are beautiful. However, there was no news about Ray’s opinion about the word ‘Polygamy’. Hence, we can assume that he has only one wife. His marriage is not well publicized, if indeed he is married.

Many people have blogged about the break-up of Ray and Anna, but it is said that they parted on good terms. The details of the break-up are not known, so far. However, after this episode, Ray is not known to be having an affair. It is observed statistically, that his fan size is dropping day by day and he is said to be continuing his path ahead towards Hollywood to win heart of rich and glamorous girls.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 14 Aug, 1981
Age: 38 yrs
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Oklahoma City
residence: Los Angeles
Education: Columbia University
Gender: Male
Description: American video blogger, producer, and actor
Twitter Id: RayWJ
Net Worth 2021: 10 million
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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