Rebecca Jefferson

Rebecca Jefferson was born on July 16, 1985 in Los Angeles, California. Rebecca works as a stylist but she is most known for being the wife of actor, Lance Gross. Her husband isn’t the only famous actor in her family tree. Rebecca’s father, Herbert Jefferson Jr. is a long time veteran actor and science fiction icon. Rebecca may have been influenced by her father’s career when she was dating and trying to find her mate. There’a common theory that men marry women who are similar to their mothers and women marry men who are similar to their fathers. Herbert must have been happy that his daughter chose to marry a man that was an actor like he was. It would make family outings easier for Herbert because he had something that he could relate to with Lance.

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Rebecca spent most of her childhood days in Los Angeles where she completed her schooling. Even when it came time for higher learning, Rebecca decided to stay in her home base. Some students choose to go to colleges outside of their home state for multiple reasons. Some want to get away from their parents and try to live independent lives. Some want to pursue a career that is only available at colleges far away. Rebecca had the luxury of growing up in California because there were many prestigious universities for her to attend.

Rebecca went to get her degree in Psychology from Loyola Marymount University. Loyola is a private and religious institution. Tuition to attend the university is very expensive but Herbert had no problem sending his daughter to the highly respected school. Since it was close to home, Herbert felt it was a great choice for Rebecca. Unfortunately for Rebecca, her time at Loyola would be a waste because she ended up being a stylist instead of seeking a career related to psychology.

Rebecca’s ethnicity is half black and half white. Her African American actor father gave birth to her with a white woman.  She loves her parents and always takes the opportunity to explain how her parents met. The two encountered each other in Los Angeles when her Rebecca’s mom accidently sat on her dad’s favourite seat at his favourite restaurant. Herbert’s charisma and acting chops were smooth enough to win his future wife over. Rebecca’s birth was an example of interracial peace and harmony. There is very little information known about Rebecca’s siblings. It is unknown if Rebecca has a bad relationship with them or if she just prefers to keep details about her life private.

Before Rebecca became a celebrity wardrobe stylist, she was employed to diagnose children with autism as a Behavior Therapist. The two jobs are very contrasting and seems to signal an attitude change in Rebecca. On one hand she was helping children with mental problems. On the other hand, she was helping celebrities with their super fiscal appearances. It is speculated that she became infatuated with the celebrity lifestyle and left her psychological aspirations behind.

Quick Facts
Net Worth 2021: 2 million
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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