Rebel Wilson 

Rebel Wilson was born on 2 march 1980 in New South Wales, Australia. She grew up in Sydney and went to the Tara Anglican School for girls. For her higher education, she went to a nearest high school. In 1997 she got her Higher School Certificate. She even got the second rank all over the state in food technology. Wilson was very shy since her childhood days. She has 3 siblings and she used to hang around and crack jokes with them. People around her later realized that her jokes were pretty good and so they went ahead and supported her in her later shows. Her first choice as a career though was mathematics. She was a very bright student throughout her childhood and so wanted to make a career out of it. In her one of the interview, she told that her life had been very difficult as she wasn’t raised properly and had many accidents throughout her childhood which made her childhood difficult. All these claims were falsified later by man imagines, that said she had a very normal upbringing and her just made up all those incidents. She also said that she imagined getting an Oscar and later raping about her acceptance speech.

In many machines, she was branded as a Serial Liar and due to this, she had to face many embarrassing moments. She said she would sue the magazines that ran this kind of stories but she didn't. Wilson career started when she moved to New York from Sydney. She had won the Australian Theater for Young people scholarship in 2003. She did some feature films such as Ghost Rider and Fat pizza when she was in New York. In 2011 she got a role in the movie Bridesmaids in which she played the role of one of the bridesmaids. This movie was a hit and Wilson was praised for her performance in the movie. Her later movies were Pitch Perfect and Ice Age. In Pitch Perfect, she played the role of Fat Amy. She even got a role in the movie bachelorette. For the movie Pitch Perfect, she was praised by the critics and even the viewers for portraying the role of Fat Amy perfectly. She was chosen as the lead cast for the sequel of the movie in Pitch Perfect 2 in 2015. She has gotten many awards throughout her career.

Her personal life is a bit of mystery more because she has been caught lying about it on many occasion. Although she has stopped it now, some of the things about her past are still not clear. She was in a relationship with Matt Lucas from 2012 to 2015 although he's not his husband as they never married they just lived together. She is a supporter fo the stricter gun laws and wants America to learn from the Australian counterparts on the topic. Her biography can be read on Wikipedia. Her fans can follow her on Facebook as well as twitter. Her net worth is not known at this point in time, but a successful career point to a million figure.

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Published : Dec 10 2016
Modified : Dec 10 2016