Robin Roberts

Published : Aug 27 2014 | Modified : Mar 27 2016

Robin Roberts is an American television anchor/host who got her first break at ESPN as a sports broadcaster back in 1990. She is currently in a same-gender relationship with girlfriend Amber Laign, a massage therapist and publicly acknowledged the fact about her orientation in 2013 after recovering from a terminal illness.

Being in the United States of America, certainly helps her cause as it is one of the few countries in the world that allows a person to be and practice a relationship with a person of the same gender. Reports have suggested that the 2 partners, Robin and Amber met through mutual friends on a blind date where Roberts liked the way in which she was treated although Laign didn’t know her. Although, both started a relationship much later, Robin’s family had shifted to California way back in 1992; the same place where Amber attended middle school.

Very few people know much about the two except for the fact that they have been in a relationship for quite long but her close friends and colleagues supposedly knew about the same, long back. The relationship officially went public in 2013 after Robin’s announcement and thanksgiving post on social media suggested Amber’s significance in her getting healed from Breast Cancer and myelodysplastic syndrome, a deadly form of bone-marrow disorder. Since then, she has been quite frank about her relationship during interviews and has also been seen in various events with her partner.

Although, there can’t be a husband-wife relationship between them considering the circumstances and the situation, it would be interesting to see, when the two decide to legalize their relationship with a marriage. In April this year, she came out vocally about her relationship stating that it has been a decade since it started but do not look to live together anytime soon. She also added that staying separately as two headstrong individuals have helped remain their relation free of scandals and also to keep their affair in its own place with love completely intact.

Their love story doesn’t just end there! In her new book titled, ‘everybody’s got something’, she has dedicated a page for her partner Amber and also described the manner in which she suffered during the initial days of her medication and Laign never left her side. In a statement, she was quoted comparing herself to a bird and Amber to the wind beneath her wings quietly reciprocating the importance that she carries in her life and beyond. Quite a wonderful relation, one would say! Considering they haven’t married, there isn’t the slightest chance of divorce or other unwanted thing either!

She even came out to blast people who didn’t display pleasure at her secret being spilled saying, that love doesn’t allow one to choose what the society wants and that she has no hesitation in saying that she is in a relationship with a woman. Robin and Amber came out together in the public quite recently to support a noble cause and the shutterbugs had a lot on offer! An interesting fact that very few would know or would have noticed is that there is a 14-year age gap between the two since Roberts is aged just around 53 while Amber aged 39. But then, love is blind, they say!

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