Robin Williams

Robin McLaurin Williams, the Mrs. Doubtfire is a well known American comedian, actor, voice actor and is also seen in many TV series. He is well known for his work in The Fisher King, Mork and Mindy and Good Morning, Vietnam. Robin’s first marriage took place in 1978 to Valerie Velardi. They have one child. His relationship ended in a divorce after he was caught having an extramarital affair with a cocktail waitress, Michelle Tish Carter. He was suffering from Herpes and did not mention that to her. She later informed that he transmitted the virus to her and sued him for the same. The pair got separated in 1988.

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In the next year, he married his son’s nanny and married her when she was several months pregnant with his child. They have two children. Later, Grace filed for separation stated as irreconcilable differences in 2008. He then married his third wife, Susan Schneider, a graphic designer in 2011.

There was also another story about Charlorre Filbert stated that she had a romantic relationship with Robin. She said that they both seeing each other just before his separation from Grace. This explains the reason for his second failed relationship. Charlotte did not deny her relationship with Robin and on the other hand, she did not want to give any information about it. They had a long distance relationship as she lived in Connecticut and he lived in San Francisco.

He once stated that the reason for his separation from Grace was his heavy drinking and drugs. Grace was already married twice and was taking care of the son of her third husband, Robin when they met. He got her pregnant and married her. Robin and Grace are good friends after their separation. They both do a lot of things together. His relationship with Valerie is not known to public.

Valrie and Grace never talked about Robin to the media. Robin brought his separation news to the media. He announced that his relationship with Grace ended after 19 years as he was having an affair with a 27 year old girlfriend. He paid her ten thousand dollars per month to rent an apartment. There are no details about whether Charlorre took that money as she always tagged their relationship as a long distance one. There are no details as to why he split with Charlorre. There were no comments from either side on this matter.

Robin said that he has lost a lot of money in separations and would not do the same with this relationship with Susan. After his separation from Grace, he said that he would rather give his house to a woman he does not like than being married. However, he changed his mind and got married to Susan. He said that he is happy to be married and does not want to make the same mistakes.

When asked whether this is his final relationship, he replied that ‘you never know’. He tags his time spent with Valerie as a wild time. He said that his relationship with his children are smooth and said that he is really proud of them.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 21 Jul, 1951
Age: 68 yrs
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Chicago
Gender: Male
Description: American actor and stand-up comedian (1951-2014)
Twitter Id: Robinwilliams
Net Worth 2021: 50 million
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Last Modified: Feb 19 2023
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