Sally Ann 

Sally Ann is a famous British-American singer and actress. She was born as Sally Ann Howes in the United Kingdom on 20th July 1930. From 1943 till present, she has done it all, the TV shows, movies, theatre, live performances, and even the radio. 88 years old Sally is quite famous for her incredible work.

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Personal Life

Sally was born to Bobby Howes and Patricia Malone in St. John’s Wood, London. She grew up in a family associated with the entertainment industry. Her father, Bobby Howes was an English actor and comedian. Her grandfather used to be a director on Broadway. Her biography, consisting of her work history of more than 60 years, depicts the story of her successful professional life.

As Ann grew up in such an environment, her career path had been already clearly visible to her. She got her first opportunity when she was 12 years old. That opportunity proved to be her first successful attempt to make her way into the entertainment industry. She has been succeeding and advancing in her field since then.

As far as the marital life of sally is concerned, she has been married more than once. According to some sources, she has been married 4 times. She was in a matrimonial relationship with Maxwell Coker for 3 years, from 1950 to 1953. Their marriage didn’t work and they got separated. She got in a relationship with Richard Adler later and got married to him in 1958. She went through a divorce for the second time in 1966 when she left Richard Adler.

Ann is presently in a committed relationship with Douglas Rae since 1972. After her second marriage didn’t work out she met her current husband Douglas Rae and they got married in 1972. As mentioned earlier, some sources claim that she also been married to Andrew Morgan Maree for a year before Douglas Rae. According to the information available about her family life, Ann has got 2 adopted children. Her height is known to be 5.6 inches but her weight is not publicly known.


Starting in 1943, Sally has achieved a great success in all these years. She started by starring in a movie when she was 12 and did a lot of work before turning 20. When Sally was 20, she starred in a musical. Later, she starred in other musicals too. In 1953, she starred opposite her father in a musical. In her twenties, she mainly focused on her stage and theatre work. She also worked in the Broadway. She starred in musicals written by her former husband Richard Adler.

In 1968, she played the famous role of “Truly Scrumptious” in the musical film “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”. This film got her more recognition than ever. Even after working in films, Ann didn’t leave the theatre. She also did modeling and several product commercials. As one of the most famous celebrities, she honored a lot of TV shows with her guest appearances over the years.

Sally's net worth is not known to this date, however, considering her long and successful career, she must worth in the millions. She got nominations for various awards for her performances in different areas of the entertainment industry. She got a nomination in 1963 for a Tony Award.

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