Ryan Higa 

Ryan Higa, born on 6th June 1990, has been a U.S. actor, YouTuber, and comedian. He is also known as “nigahiga”. Ryan is famous for his YouTube comedy videos viewed for more than three billion times. His YouTube channel entitled “nigahiga” has been subscribed the most on YouTube consecutively for 677 days during the year 2009 to 2011.

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No other YouTube channel except PewDiePie has ever been able to attain that position. Ryan’s YouTube channel “Nigahiga” has been subscribed by more than 21 million people by June 2018. He started his channel in 2006 in collaboration with a friend named Sean Fujiyoshi. He has another channel entitled “Higa TV”. He has been active since 2006 to the present days.

Personal Life

Ryan Higa took birth in Hilo, Hawaii, United States. He graduated from Walakea High School in the year 2008. His father’s name is Wendell Higa and his mother’s name is Luci Higa. He has a sibling: an elder brother named Kyle. Luci Higa, acting as his manager, manages the affairs of Ryan Higa. Ryan Higa’s nationality is American while his ethnicity is Japanese. Ryan has taken training in judo and has achieved the rank of black belt. He also took part in wrestling while studying in the High School. His height is estimated to be 174 cm and weight is known to be 69 kgs.

Ryan Higa is not a married man as yet. The name of his girl friend was Tarynn Nago, with who he has been going out, for several years. Their relationship came to an end in 2010. Since then, there is no news about his being in any relationship or his dating anyone. Since he has not married, he has not divorced anyone. As of today, he is single.


Ryan Higa started his career as early as 2006 when he created his YouTube channel nigahiga, and started posting videos of himself and his friend. He and his friend Sean Fujiyoshi lip synced popular contemporary songs in these videos. They went beyond songs very soon and added different comedic acts. Kyle Chun, Tim Enos, Tarynn Nago, and Ryan Villaruel had been the artists who guest appeared in these videos.

His channel had been suspended temporarily for the violations of copyright, and some of his videos were removed in 2008. However, these videos that included How to be Ninja, How to be Gangster, and How to be Emo were restored in 2009. Ryan shifted then to Las Vegas for studying nuclear medicine and joined the University of Nevada. He founded a company named Ryan Higa Production Company (RHPC) in 2012.

In the year 2016, Ryan formed a band entitled BgA along with Justin Chon, Jun Sung Ahn, Phillip Wang, and David Choi. The BgA stands for “Boys Generally Asian”. Ryan created another channel named Higa TV in the year 2011 in which video blogs have been posted. By June 2018, more than five million people had subscribed the channel. There is no record of Ryan getting any rewards so far. As per his biography, his net worth is estimated at $2 million.

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