Shannon Elizabeth

Shannon Elizabeth is known as an American actress and former fashion model. She is most famous for her roles in American Pie and Scary Movie.

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Background and Age

Shannon Elizabeth Fadal was born on September 7, 1973 in Houston, Texas. Her father is Syrian Lebanese while her mom has English, Irish and German roots. Shannon is the single offspring of her folks and she went to Waco High School where she was part of the school tennis group. Shannon exceeded expectations such a great amount in the game that she thought about a professional career in tennis. After high school, she got signed with Ford and Elite models and started a modeling career. She then started fiddled with acting.

Career and Net Worth

Shannon Elizabeth got her career break assuming the role of Nadia in the American Pie film series. She at that point turned into a staple of comedy and horror films. Recently, she appeared in the American version of 2018 Celebrity Big Brother and finished in the ninth spot.

In July 2019, Shannon Elizabeth took her turn with the #MeToo movement when she said that a scene from the American Pie film would be a problem today. In an interview for Page Six, Shannon, who played Nadia in that 1999 film said that the scene in Jim's room where a hidden camera transmits the footage of her nude body to Jim's friends would not be accepted in today's standards. The scene would be condoning that type of behavior and encouraging other young men to do the same.

Marriage, Husband and Kids

Shannon Elizabeth is a divorced woman. She was recently married to Joseph D. Reitman, an American actor, writer, and movie producer. The two performers got married in the year 2002 however their marriage went on for only three years as their split hit the media waves in 2005. Regardless of their split, Shannon and Joseph have figured out how to remain companions.

They shared numerous things in common including their adoration for animals which propelled them to start Animal Avengers, a nonprofit association for every living creature's common entitlement. Another regular enthusiasm that Shannon imparted to her ex was poker which is one of the numerous ways they could have met.

Like Shannon, Joseph has won numerous poker competitions including the well known World Series of Poker. Joseph has been more fruitful in the game than Shannon was. He won $1 million from's Tournament. Joseph appears to have a weakness for women who play poker in light of the fact that a year after his split from Shannon, he started dating a professional poker player, Annie Duke.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 7 Sep, 1973
Age: 47 yrs
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Houston
Gender: Female
Description: American actress
Spouse: Joseph D. Reitman[2002-2005]
Net Worth 2021: 7 million
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Last Modified: Feb 19 2023
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