Shantel Jackson

A popular face in the American pop culture and glamour industry, Shantel Jackson is best known for drama surrounding her love life with celebrated once-in-a-life-time-kind boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr., the 400 million $ man.

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Shantel filed a lawsuit against Floyd in September 2014 for multi-charges including assault, battery, defamation, invasion of privacy, intentional infliction of emotional distress, harassment and more.

The filing of the lawsuit took place after Floyd revealed on social media his original reason of breaking up with Shantel. He went on posting sonogram pictures of Shantel's pregnancy stage, and claimed he ended the relationship because Shantel killed his children.

.Shantel and Floyd were engaged but they officially ended their 8 years of relationship in May, 2013. After that all sorts of speculations followed after the break-up.

Various leading tabloids then reported that Floyd reportedly broke up with Shantel because she was reportedly cheating on him with Atlanta promoter Oman Slim. Not only that, Shantel was portrayed as a gold-digger on various tabloids.

And recently we have got a new report led by TMZ Sports obtained new court documents.

 According to the papers, Floyd has added his text message in his papers. In the text message sent in April, 2014, Floyd requests Shantel to get engaged for the second time with him and he will fulfill whatever she wants (promises 3 A list movies), but only if  she changes her attitude given he will also go to counseling.

The paper also reveals Shantel's side of claims. Shantel in her court-papers states that she refused the Floyd offer. She also includes Floyd sent old text-messages in her defense such as:

-I had your phone traced. I hired a detective. Your not slick."

-- "I got nasty videos too that I can put on Instagram and twitter"

-- "I took you from rags to riches now you back to rags bitch. That's why your out selling shit going on petty ass auditions fronting to people like your doing big sh*t."

Not only that, she also claims that Floyd back then threatened her of leaking her personal videos and pictures if she didn't takes off the picture she and Nelly clicked and posted online in April 2014. She says she is a victim of domestic violence by never changing Mayweather, who kept her prison in his Los Angeles house.

Shortly, this is how the report ends. Well, we don't know what's exactly happening between the two. But, we think they should move on now and deal the court case professionally and stop speaking about each other on the media outlets.

We fans shouldn't be pro-Shantel or pro-Floyd and judge them. We should let the court decide.

Anyway, Shantel with her supporting boyfriend Nelly also attended the 6th annual Face Forward Gala, an event which raises charity and awareness for the people involved in domestic violence, and later told HipHollywood that  she would just try to get out before it's too late, whether it's verbal, mental, or physical abuse.  

In an interview, Floyd has said that it was ok to speak about the abortion issue publicly as both of the parties involved were public figure. In the interview, he also revealed that Shantel initially asked him to help her become famous when they first met. He also reminded everyone that Shantel's climb to fame occurred after appearing in seven music videos.

If you didn't know, Shantel has held a press conference to pinpoint her point. In the press conference, Shantel said she was humiliated and embarrassed by the sonogram-Instagram post. In the same conference, she also claimed that Floyd after being release from the prision threatened her to take the ring off with his gun at her gunpoint. Her attorney said that never changing Mayweather many times physically assaulted her, even though she supported him even when he was in jail.

O.M.G It's really hard to cover the entire saga. And, we haven't even mentioned abot friction between Floyd and Nelly plus other rappers.

Anyway, it seems like Shantel has found a love in Nelly. He may not have gifted Shantel  with 17 carat diamond worth $2,500,000, over 100 designer handbags, masses of designer clothing, cash gift and never-finishing credit card  like Floyd, Nelly has at least  starred his girlfriend in his new single The Fix.

Except that, she is known as a model, infrequent actress (only has two on-screen credentials till now; brief appearance in the hit 2012 crime-drama Freelancers and in an episode of Ridiculousness, an American clip comedy show, with Floyd)  and lifestyle blogger

Now moving on to her physical configuration, she is not a tall woman with the height of 5 feet and 4 inches, but she is definitely one hot woman, thanks to her fit curvy-pear shaped body of 34-26-39 inches and nice assets.

It is said that Shantel is now working on her line of clothing and we would like to give her a best of luck for that. Impressively, Shantel is allegedly psychology and acting graduate from Miami Dade University.

You will like to visit her website to explore her world, and to know about the anti-ageing cream she brands.

Fans can follow Shantel on her Twitter (97.7 k followers) and Instagram(760 k followers) profile. Her Twitter handle is @MsJackson, and her Twitter description is given as:

Actress, Model and business woman.

I can't be bought.

 Joined September 2010

Quick Facts
Net Worth 2021: 3 million
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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