Sierra Mcclain 

You would know her by her character name, Sierra James of Daddy’s Little Girls of 2007. Sierra is an American pop singer. She is famous for her band, McClain; formed by her along with her two sisters. All three are famous actresses and singers. You would know her from A.N.T Farm Disney song or from their debut song, Go. Want to know more about her? Keep reading.

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Personal life

Sierra and her sisters were interested in music from a very young age. They were interested in acting too. She has three sisters. Her father is a popular music producer and musician; Michael McClain. Her mother is a vocalist, song writer and musician. Currently, Sierra is living with her parents in their house in Los Angeles. Her birthday is Match 16, 1994 which makes her 22 years old.

When it comes to her romantic life, there is no information about her current boyfriend. There are no details to whether she is currently dating or looking for such a relationship. Sierra has kept her personal life and romantic life well away from the media. There are no gossips about her having any affair with another person or other problems. She had never had a boyfriend known to public in the past. She was never engaged or married in the past. Since there are no details, it is widely assumed that she is currently single and living with her parents.

When it comes to their family, it is said that they are very close to each other. Media and public have seen families being ripped apart when fame knocks the door. But, the sisters have managed to stay together and as a family. None of the sisters is ready to reveal personal information about their families and their lives to public.


Her biography has more of musical talents than acting. She grew up enjoying Disney and acting. This encouraged her to audition for the movie, Gospel when she was just 11 along with her sisters. One of her sister was casted in the lead role and the other two were given supportive roles. She started her musical group in 2005 under the name 3McClain Girls. Later, the name was changed to suit the audience in 2011 as McClain Sisters. Notable songs include Go, He loves me, The great divide, The holiday song, A.N.T Farm of Disney, Jingle bell rock and many others. Recently, the band released the song, Felling Like in 2016.

She is very active in social media sites, with numerous followers. She has not been involved in any promotional activities for any brands or events. Sierra stands as an example of how a girl with real talents can climb up the success stairs. She started her career as a small supportive role actor and slowly increased her fame through her musical talents. Even when one of her sisters wanted to concentrate more on acting than music, Sierra managed to take the band to next level without any drama to attract more people. Sierra also wanted to focus more on her acting career yet, kept her interest and success in musical field with perfect balance.

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