Sierra Skye

What is Sierra Skye?

Sierra Skye is an American social media swimsuit model and influencer known for her hourglass figure and sultry eyes. Sierra Skye was born Sierra Egan on November 6, 1995, in Malibu, California; she is of Italian and Native American descent.  Sierra Skye suffers from brumotactillophobia, a mild form of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), which is the fear of foods touching on a plate. This fear is sometimes generated by a desire to be in control but it has also been attributed to taste or texture, or just plain aesthetics. Sierra Skye is five feet six inches tall; her measurements are Bust: 36, Waist: 24, and Hips: 37. She has been an avid dancer since she was three years old; although she did every type of dance while in high school, her main focus was on the art of tap dancing.

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Sierra’s first Instagram photo was posted in May of 2015 and featured her kitten, by 2017; Sierra had become a worldwide model and internet celebrity. Sierra is currently dating professional photographer and social media star, Roman Palumbo. To maintain her health and figure, Sierra trains regularly; she works with weights five times per week, doing cardio on three of those days.


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Last Modified : Jan 31 2019