Sophie Dymoke

Sophie Dymoke is mostly known for being the long term wife of famous actor Matthew Goode. Sophie works as a Sales Director at MiH Jeans

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Fashion Work

Sophie is not in the same entertainment industry as her husband. Sometimes the agents of actors will encourage their clients to date each other for their public image. If they are in a relationship with another famous person, they are able to increase their brand awareness by combining the drawing power of two public figures.

Sophie works in the fashion world to contribute to her family’s income. Even though Matthew makes more than enough money as a successful actor, Sophie still wants to work and add value to her household. Matthew knows that it is not always easy for her when he is out working, she feels lonely but is able to turn to her career to keep herself occupied.

Prior to working at MiH Jeans as a Sales Director, Sophie worked for VINCE, the contemporary fashion brand best known for its modern effortless style and everyday luxury essentials as the Sales Director. While she has only been working for less than 20 years, Matthew’s other half has already worked for 5 companies. It is an accomplishment that makes people wonder whether she managed to climb up the ladder surprisingly fast or if she can’t seem to stay in one place long for some reason. It is is known that the world of fashion moves and evolves at a much faster pace than other industries. The fast pace means that people, patterns, and trends change nearly on a daily basis.

Meeting Matthew

Sophie met Matthew through a neighbor. The two of them meeting was practically inevitable since they were a door apart from each other. When asked how they met Matthew responded, “I was living in Clapham and she was on my doorstep when I came home. Literally. She was a friend of my neighbor.” Most of the time, men have to go to social gatherings to meet women. To have a beautiful woman so close to his home made things easy and comfortable for Matthew.

Family Life

The couple got married and ended up having three beautiful children. They have two daughters and a son .Matilda Eve was born in March of 2009, Teddie Eleanor Rose Goode was born in September of 2013, and Ralph Goode was born in August of 2015. Their children were born before the marriage. Matilda who is the oldest of the three was able to witness her mom dressed as a bride and her dad dressed as the groom. Matthew says that having kids adds to the responsibility of being a man.

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Quick Facts
Nationality: English
Date of Birth: N/A
Profession: N/A
Height: N/A
Children: Matilda Eve Goode, Teddie Eleanor Rose Goode and Ralph Goode
Husband: Matthew Goode
Alma Mater: N/A
Net Worth: N/A
Marital Status: Married
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Last Modified : Sep 20 2018