Steffiana De La Cruz

Steffiana de la Cruz is an American-Filipino model and actress. Steffiana is better known for her sentimental attachments to more famous actors. On her early days, she held a relationship with the actor Chris Penn between 1993 and 1999, appearing in some of Pen’s movies. Later on, she met her actual husband Kevin James, whom she married in 2001. She has participated occasionally on Kevin’s projects with minor roles for TV shows and movies mostly. Steffiana and her husband Kevin hold a stable relationship with 4 lovely children.

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Despite her minor acting participation, Steffiana’s net value is calculated in 5 million dollars. This looks insignificant behind her husband whose net worth is calculated in 80 million dollars, as a result of his salary as a comedian on main roles of TV shows and movies.


Stephanie Anna Marie Zantua was born in New York City on august 28, 1974 from Filipino parents. She started her career in modeling and moved into acting later on, participating on side roles on TV shows and some movies.

Acting Career

After spending some years in the modeling world, she participated with Chris Pen in some minor roles on Pen’s movies by the same time they were holding a relationship.

After that, she had 4 appearances on the TV show that aired on CBS “The King of Queens” on different seasons. First on season 4 she played Masseuse #1 in "Eddie Money". On season 6 she played Tina on "Damned Yanky". On season 7 Steffiana appeared as Sue on the "Black List" and finally on season 9 she played Sienna on the "Affair Trade".

The most important roles for Steffiana started in 2009, where she appeared as a shopper with kids on the film “Paul Blart: Mall Cop”, reappearing on the sequel of the same movie in 2015 as Kira. She is also known by her appearance in “Zookeeper” in 2011, where she played Robin.

Personal Life

Being in the entertaining business, Steffiana has shown a stable behavior with 2 well known long relationships along her life.

The first one took place when she was 26. Back then she had a relationship with Chris Penn. They lived together but never got married or had any kids. They finished their relationship in 1999, after 7 years.

Later on, on a blind date she met the man who was meant to be the love of her life. Her husband up today is the famous comedian Kevin James, whom she married in 2001 after 2 years of relationship. The ceremony took place in a Catholic Church in California.

Currently Steffiana and Kevin hold a stable relationship raising their 4 kids. At the age of 31, Steffiana gave birth to their first, Sienna-Marie James. A year and a half later they had a second daughter named Shea Joelle. It was until their third child that they had a son, named Kannon Valentine James who was born in 2011. Everybody thought this was enough for them, but surprisingly, a new born child came early in 2015 when Steffiana was 40. She was named Sistine Sabella James.

Quick Facts
Net Worth 2021: 5 million
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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