Tahj Mowry

"When it comes to acting, I've always had a passion for entertaining and for making people laugh. On the music side, I really want to come out as an artist because I want people to see who I really am... artistically, I tend to be drawn to the darker things. What the music will be able to do is show people that I am an adult now. "

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-Tahj Mowry

At the age of 39, Tahj Dayton Mowry can retrospect his life and feel proud about it.

Inspiringly, he has transitioned from a child actor to a full-fledged actor. Singing, dancing and acting since an early age, Tahj started acting, singing and dancing in various famous stints including various Disney's acts.

Then we knew him as the shy kid Teddy (1991-1995) from Full House. Now we know him as the fun and food loving law school dropout Tucker (2012-presnt) from  Babby Daddy who is trying to make his own mark in the television world going against his father. Transitioning from the Full House shy kid regular  character to Smart Guy's hilarious pre- teen prodigy T.J. (1997 to 1999) and then to a fine young man with dreams who we know as Tucker from Baby Daddy, Tahj has shown an excellent acting class over the years.

Surely, being a multifaceted star himself and the only brother of Tia and Tamera really sounds like loads of pressure, expectations and responsibility.

Born on May 7, 1986 in Honolulu, Hawaii, US to a army veteran turned police officer father and  ex-army veteran mother as their young one out of three children, Tahj is mostly known for his shining television credentials. Till his early 20's, he even starred in some really appreciable movies.

And in 2015, he tried to break in the music scene with his magnetic raspy voice and camera friendly personality launching his hit sensation debut "Flirt", and again four months later releasing his six songs EP in collaboration with mega-producer Excel Beats. Their music is something unique, as they have brought genres together in making likes of Future Funk.

In addition to all of his shining credentials, he is a proud host of Innovation Download video series (third installment), which is produced by PepsiCo and Mashable to keep viewers and fans updated about  how innovation, people, culture drive one another and vice versa.

Now moving on to his physique, Tahj is not a tall man with the height of 5 feet and 4 inches. However, he is a big catch when it comes to physical sex appeal, thanks to his fit well built up body, winsome face, distinct short hairstyle and funloving personality. Nonetheless, the American sensation of mixed ethnicity and Christian by faith (English ancestry from his father side and Afro-Bahamian heritage from his mother side) played football both in his school and college days.

More precisely, Tahj is a total package. He is well spoken and cultured guy who can sing, dance, act and what not. Plus, he is someone who didn't get the idea of early success spoil his mind. He always took acting as his hobby thereby making his academics an equal priority factor. No wonder, he is a proud Pepperdine University graduate like his sisters. He is simply glad that he went through a normal life as a kid despite of early success. Nonetheless, he also regards high of his supportive family.

Talking about his relationship status, Tahj in a 2015 interview revealed that he is a single man enjoying his growing music career. Although he emphasized on being  a single man enjoying his busy life and career in the interview, he however advised folks to be direct to their love interest and say what they want to before talking about anything else. Furthermore, he also revealed in the interview that concerts are  great platforms to meet new people. So, if you want to fall in love with him, do try to visit the concerts he performs or visits, but not as a stalker. 

 Anyway, it will be safe for now to assume that he is a single man as of 2016. Nevertheless, we cannot verify the gay rumors that have surround him until he verifies them. Most prominent gay rumor related to Tahj started when he liked 3 revealing pictures of openly gay bodybuilder and fitness guru Andrew on Instagram in November, 2015.

No wonder, he possesses a high net worth of 1.5 million dollars. He is someone who has been acting since the age of 4. He is a veteran actor in the American television industry and an occasional movie actor. More precisely, his notable television credentials include Full House (1991-1995), Out All Night (1992-1993), Sister, Siter (1994-1997),  Smart Guy (1997-1999), Kim Possible (2002 to 2007, voice) and Baby Daddy (2012 to present).

Nevertheless, his notable movie credentials include Hounded, The Poof Point, Kim Possible sequels and Are We Done Yet?.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 17 May, 1986
Age: 33 yrs
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Honolulu
Education: Pepperdine University
Gender: Male
Description: American actor
Twitter Id: Tahj_mowry
Net Worth 2021: 1.5 million
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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