Toby Keith

Toby Keith Clove was born on 8th July 1961. He was born to Joan Keith Clove and Hubert Keith Clove. He is the second child of the Keith family. He was born in Clinton, Oklahoma of the United States. He spent his childhood in Moore, Oklahoma with his sister Tonnie and brother Tracy where he completed his schooling at Moore High School. He did not give continuity to his education instead choose to work in the oil fields in the Oklahoman with his father.

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Before starting his musical career, Toby married to Tricia Lucus and adopted her child Shelley Reeve. Toby and Tricia have their daughter, Krystal who was born in 1985 and Stelen, their son was born in 1997. This was an important event in the couple’s life.

Toby faced a tough time in his life after his marriage. The oil farm in Oklahoma collapsed when his daughter Krystal was born. The financial troubles rose for the family after this. The situation was hard for him and to solve the problems he started tour with band. The tour band-Easy Money helped him to clear all the debts. It was during this time he launched his first debut album “Toby Keith”.

The song “Should’ve Been A Cowboy” from the album “Toby Keith” became the chart topper and helped the singer to establish him professionally. The singer and the songwriter separated from the Mercury for three years. He rejoined Mercury in 1997, and released his final studio album “Dream Walking.”

The singer’s biography points his interested in music since his childhood hence received his first guitar lesson only at the age of eight. Toby's grandmother owned a club in which Toby used to play with his band in the early days.

The singer left Mercury. He took the suggestion of his producer James Stroud and signed a contract with DreamWorks Records. He released his fifth album “How Do you like me now?!”. This album took Toby to the heights of success. He had never tasted success like this before. The BMI-affiliated songwriter, Toby released five more studio albums after the publication of “How Do You Like Me Now?!”.

He received Academy of Country Music Awards for number one single and two entrepreneur awards.His song “Pull My Chain” and “Unleashed was also appreciated a lot by the audience. His cover of the Eminem’s song “Mocking Bird” with his daughter Krystal went viral and hit on the internet.

Toby mostly writes songs about good times, or they are patriotic. The singer’s first single “I Should Have Been A Cowboy” was name the most played song in the 1990’s by the Billboard Magazine.

Toby was also interested in games as a young man. He was a defensive football player. The singer had a dream to open his restaurant, and he lived it by opening his restaurant named “I Love This Bar And Grill” in Kansas City and Las Vegas. Over the years, the American singer and songwriter have gained fame. Currently, Toby is earning the worth of $48 million per year and has the net worth of $500 million.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 8 Jul, 1961
Age: 58 yrs
Occupations: Singer-songwriter
Record producer
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Clinton
Education: Villanova University
Gender: Male
Description: American country music singer and actor
Net Worth 2021: 365 million
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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