Tony Puryear

Tony Puryear is known as an American comic book writer, designer, and screenwriter. He is most famous for writing the script for the film, Eraser.

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Background and Age

Tony Puryear was born in New York, NY. He attended Brown University.

Career and Net Worth

Tony Puryear was the first African-American screenwriter to compose a $100 million summer blockbuster with his script for the 1996 Arnold Schwarzenegger film, Eraser. He has composed movies for big Hollywood names like Oliver Stone, Mel Gibson, Jerry Bruckheimer, and Will Smith.

Tony accomplished early success as a gourmet culinary specialist after finishing school at Brown University. This got the attention of publicizing official James Patterson, who was at that point the head of J. Walter Thompson, NY. Patterson brought Tony to New York to art-direct award-winning TV commercials for Burger King and Goodyear. After Tony was incidentally blinded in a mishap, the accommodating Patterson demanded he compose the spots, and, with Patterson's intense mentorship, Tony's career as a writer started.

Recovering his visual perception, Tony proceeded to function as a hip-hop music video director, helming pivotal projects for acts like K-Solo, EPMD, and LL Cool J. He came to Hollywood when he was chosen for the debut class of The Walt Disney Company's Writers Program. Tony was a staff writer on the fundamentally applauded Showtime series Street Time for executive producer Richard Stratton. In 2018 he became a staff writer on the hit USA series, Queen of the South.

Tony co-writes and draws the widely praised graphic novel series Concrete Park from Dark Horse Comics with Erika Alexander. An activity-filled sci-ti story, Concrete Park features individuals in an upsetting future. This milestone multicultural series was named a standout amongst other American comics and won the 2016 Glyph Award for Best Collection. Tony's political art series, gankstas! follows the plans and characters of the Trump Crime Family and their hostile takeover of the administration of the United States.

Tony Puryear has also been successful as a designer. He has designed banners for high profile celebrities like Hillary Clinton. He designed the banner for Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign. It is presently in The National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC. He has also designed for various organizations like the Harlem Boy’s Choir. He has designed logos and posters for them. He has also designed various promotional stuff for his graphic novel, Concrete Park. Puryear believes in researching and finding out what the market is wanting. He always goes through the demands of the market and finalizes with a design that covers all the points of the brand. He has even designed mobile apps for Concrete Park. He has given his artistic touch to many 3D models in Concrete Park.

Marriage, Wife, and Kids

Tony Puryear got married to Erika Alexander on September 27, 1997. The wedding took place in a Catholic church with traditional themes. The marriage was a huge celebration with one hundred and twenty guests attending the marriage. He was forty at the time while his girlfriend was twenty-eight years old. His wife is a famous actress and has worked in various successful movies.

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Last Modified: Aug 9 2020
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