Watkin Tudor Jones

Watkin Tudor Jones was born on 26 September 1974 in Johannesburg, South Africa. He was very much into music and rap as a young kid. His father wanted to be a musician but couldn’t make so Watkin decided to do it for him and he has the full support of his parents. He started performing at different music clubs and festivals before joining The Original Evergreen in 1995. He later released a song called Puff The Magik. This song went on to become a very decent hit making him famous all through South Africa and also in other parts of the world. At this time, he had many problems with the band and so he decided to work solo so in 2001 he left the group and began his solo career.

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At first, he had lots of problems since leaving that group but he later Max Normal and released an album called The Mall in 2001. At the same time, he was working on his solo career and released Memoirs of a Clone which was a big hit as well. He performed at various places with the band Max Normal such as Up the Creek, Oppikoppi, and Splashy Fen. He later performed at London in Belgium at Pukkelpop Festival.

The band was later evolved into another band called which was a corporate band. In 2008 he released a new album called Good Morning South Africa. In 2008 he created another group called Die Antwoord which was a group of South African hip-hop artists. His rap style was often inspirational and motivated listeners to do good in life. He left Max Normal in 2002 just at the moment when the band was at an all-time high of its fame. He then moved to Cape Town and there he collaborated with Felix Laband and DJ Dope and sorted. In 2010 he debuted his album for the band Die Antwoord. The new album was called $0$ and this album went on to gain popularity at a very high pace all over South Africa.

In 2014 he released his third album called Donker Mag after the second album which was called Tension. The second album didn’t do well so they had to work very hard onto the third album and wanted it to be better than the previous one. The Donker Mag was a very big hit in South Africa and all over the world. In 2015 he got a role in the movie Chappie. It was a dream of his to feature in a movie and so when he got the offer he just couldn't refuse. He currently has two children with his partner Visser who live happily in Cape Town. He has been dating her for a very long time but they still haven’t tied the knot. The name of their first child is Sixteen Jones. His biography can be read on Wikipedia. His net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. His fans can follow him on Facebook as well as twitter.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 26 Sep, 1974
Age: 45 yrs
Occupations: Singer
Record producer
Citizenship: South Africa
Birth Place: Johannesburg
Education: Parktown Boys' High School
Gender: Male
Description: South African artist
Net Worth 2021: 10 million
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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