Win Mcmurry

Win McMurry was born on March 12th, 1983, to Jane Hight McMurry and John E. McMurry. Win was raised at Wilmington, North Carolina, United States of America. Win McMurry has a sister named Allison Louise McMurry. Win did her high school studies from New Hanover High School and later graduated from University of North Carolina. Win had an aim of having a career in public relations, but later shifted her focus towards sports journalism after her graduation and moved on to New York City in pursuit of a career in it. Win McMurry also has earned a Post Graduate Certificate in Business from the Kenan-Flager School of Business.

Win McMurry worked for the WCBS, New York; four days a week helping with the production crew for the morning show. To meet her expenses, Win also worked as a waitress at night. But apart from these engagements, Win shadowed reporters in the afternoon to learn the tricks in sports journalism from them. Her hard work soon paid rich dividends and McMurry got a job as a host for the PGA Tour Today and also served as a reporter as well as an interviewer on

Win McMurry’s sincere work drew the attention of the Golf Channel towards and she was called up for an interview and later hired as an anchor for the nightly half-hour news program, ‘Golf Central,’ on the Golf Channel.

Apart from her work as a sports journalist and a presenter, Win McMurry happily indulges in voluntary social services. McMurry works with many charities like the, ‘Special Olympics,’ ‘Out Fox Cancer,’ ‘Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals,’ ‘The First Tee’ and the ‘Junior Champions Foundation.’ Win has actively taken part in fundraising activities for these societies.

Win McMurry is a beautiful lady indeed and was for once in a relation with Michael Phelps. The couple spent happy days together, before they broke up unfortunately due to some unknown reasons. Since then, Win McMurry is not known to be in any other relationship nor have any plans of getting married. Win McMurry is purely focused in shaping and fine tuning her career nowadays and has kept all her plans of getting married aside.

Win McMurry is a very famous personality, but she normally maintains a good deal of secrecy about her personal life.  Win McMurry rarely engages in any controversies whatsoever. Win solely focuses on shaping her career.

Win McMurry is stunning and looks very pretty as she is blonde and her hair matches her complexion perfectly. Win McMurry was voted as the, ‘Number 1 Beauty,’ by Golf Magazine and was also honored as the title, ‘Miss Fantasy Challenge,’ by the channel. Win has also won two Telly awards for her work as a writer, producer and a host for the PGA tour.

Win McMurry although very young in age is a talented journalist and takes up any work sincerely and as a challenge. She has a handsome salary and her net worth is soaring high. Win McMurry has won a lot of fan following for her work and style. Win keeps in touch with them regularly through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and posts regular updates for them.

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Published : Mar 4 2016
Modified : Mar 27 2016