Wylda Rae Johnson

Wylda Rae Johnson was born on 7 July 2010. Wylda Rae Johnson is technically still a child and is 6 years of age. According to her bio, Wylda is the baby girl of famous actor parents. The mother of Wylda Rae Johnson is Sam-Taylor Johnson. The father name of Wylda Rae is Aaron Taylor-Johnson. The full name of Wylda's mom is Samantha Louise Taylor-Johnson. Wylda's mom, Samantha Taylor-Johnson was born on 4 March 1967. She is now 49 years old. The birthplace of Sam Taylor-Johnson is the London's borough of Croydon. Wylda's maternal grandparents are David Wood and Geraldine Wood. Her maternal grandfather, David Wood, left her mom and her maternal grandmother when Sam Taylor-Johnson was only nine years old. Geraldine Wood, Wylda's grandma, is a teacher of yoga and astrologer. She predicted Wylda a bright future and a good salary, and that she would become as famous as her mother and dad are. Aaron Taylor-Johson, Wylda's dad, was born on 13 June 1990. His parents are Mark, a civil engineer, and Helen, a homemaker. Aaron Taylor-Johnson has one sibling. Her name is Gemma. The family of Aaron Taylor-Johnson is Jewish and very religious, according to his wiki. On the other side, Aaron's wife, Sam Taylor-Johnson has one sibling and one half-sibling. Her younger and only sibling is her sister Ashley. The half-sibling of Sam Taylor is her half-brother Kristian.

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Wylda Rea Johnson, still of young age, doesn't attend any school. She attends a local kindergarten in London, United Kingdom. On the other side, her mom, Sam Taylor-Johnson is well-educated, according to her biography. Sam Taylor-Johnson first attended a private elementar school in London. She was an excellent student during her elementary education. After her elementary education, Sam Taylor-Johson attended a high school in London named Beacon Community College. She was very excellent at that school. And finally, after education at Beacon Community College, Sam Taylor-Johnson attended the University of London. Wylda's other parent, her famous dad Aaron Taylor-Johnson is a well-educated British man. Aaron Taylor -ohnson first attended an elementary school in the outskirts of the City of London. After his elementary education, Aaron Taylor attended Holmer Green Senior School and was an excellent student in his high school days, according to his bio. After his education at Holmer Green Senior School, Aaron Taylor-Johnson was tutored in arts, drama, music, tap dance and many other subjects at the Jackie Palmer Stage School.


Wylda is still a young kid, and she doesn't have a career. Her only career now is to make her famous dad and mom happy. Eventually, if it turns out to be what her maternal grandmother had predicted, she will become famous as her parents. On the other hand, her mom Sam Taylor-Johnson is a British actress, artist and film producer. She is most famous for her debut movie from 2009 Nowhere Boy. She also directed the movie adaptation for one of the most famous erotic novels in history- 50 Shades of Gray, according to her biography. She got herself an enormous salary from directing 50 Shades of Gray. Her husband, Aaron Taylor-Johnson starred in many movies and was also one of the actors in Sam's debut film Nowhere Boy. The couple got engaged and married after the filming of Nowhere Boy was done.

Personal Life

Wylda's mom, Sam Taylor-Johnson survived cancer for two times. First, she was cured of colon cancer and the second time she was cured of breast cancer. She married a man that is almost thirty years younger than her - Aaron Taylor-Johnson. The couple doesn't plan to divorce and one of the pieces of evidence for that is that they both bear the surname Taylor-Johnson. The Taylor-Johnson has two children - Wilda Rae Johnson and Romy Hero. They plan to have another baby very soon. The Taylor-Johnson family enjoys in net worth, when combined, of $50 million.

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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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