Chris Jansing

Published : Jul 13 2013 | Modified : Mar 27 2016

MSNBC Journalist Chris Jansing

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Quick facts

Height 5' 6"
Marital Status Divorced
Ex. Husband Robert Jansing

Christine Jansing works as a news correspondent in the United States. She is currently the host of Jansing and Company that airs on NBC. This news correspondent won an Emmy award for the work she did covering the bombing in Atlanta during the 1996 Olympic Games.

Childhood and Education

Chris Jansing was born on January 20, of 1957 in Fairport Harbor, Ohio... The name given to her at the time of her birth was Christine Kapostasy. Her mother Tily Kapostasy is of Slovakian descent. Her father Joseph Kapostasy is of Hungarian descent. Chris is the youngest out of twelve children.

Chris entered Otterbein College as a political science major. While she was there she got exposed to journalism when she was working at the college radio station. Chris was soon hooked on journalism and changed her major to broadcast journalism instead of political science. She graduated with bachelors in broadcast journalism in 1978.

Her Life off Camera

She married Robert Jansing in 1982. Robert is employed as a chemist and runs a chemistry lab. Chris continued to use her maiden name while she was working at WNYT, but when she made the career move to NBC in 1998 she started to use her husband’s surname on the air. She explains that Jansing is much easier to pronounce than Kapostasy is. Chris and Robert did divorce after some time, but she continued to use the surname of Jansing.


Her Early Career

After college Chris landed a position as a general assignment reporter for WNYT located in Albany, New York. Chris also worked as an anchor at WNYT. She stayed with this station for seventeen years. It was during her time at this station that she won the Emmy for her Olympic Games coverage in 1996.

In 1998 Chris switched over and went to work for NBC. She worked as an anchor and she worked as a reporter for MSNBC. When the Today show has needed a substitute host to cover someone that is out Chris has worked in their stead. She has also substituted on the Sunday version of the broadcast of the nightly news by NBC.

Jansing and Company

Since Monday October the fourth of 2010 Chris has been hosting Jansing and Company. Jansing and Company is a morning news program that airs each weekday at 10 AM eastern time. Richard Lui serves as her in- studio correspondent on Jansing and Company. When Chris cannot be available for filming the news program Richard Lui is her replacement host.


Besides winning the Emmy in 1996 for her reporting on the bombing at the Olympic Games in Atlanta, Chris was awarded the title of “Best Person” by the New York State Broadcasters Association. She won this accolade for the work she did on the hunger situation in the state of New York. Chris truly made the people feel and understand the plight of the hungry in New York. A city of wealth, and privilege, that is home to many people who do not have food to eat or a place to lay their head at night.


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