Alex Smith

Alex Smith plays as a quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL (National Football League). Born in 1984 in Washington, most of his childhood was spent in California. Passionate about football from a young age, he studied at the Helix Charter High School, where he was a part of the school’s football team. His father is actually a former director of that school. He was responsible for his team’s brilliant record of 25-1 during his junior and senior years in school. He also won several awards for performing so well. He even made it into the record books of the college by scoring six touchdowns in a single game.

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After high school, he joined the University of Utah. The university team won several championships due to his significant contributions. He led a strong offense while playing for the Utahs, for which the opposition teams had no answer. He completed his bachelor’s degree in economics in just two years. He started his master’s degree on economics but couldn’t complete it since he was called to the NFL draft.

The San Francisco 49ers picked up Alex Smith during the draft and he signed a contract in 2005 worth $49.5 millionspread out over a course of 6 years. During his first season, he only played nine games, since he was injured. His performance was below average, where he managed to score only one touchdown.

He performed significantly better in the 2006 season compared to the last one, but once again his performance deteriorated in the next season.  However, in the 2008 season, he got severely injured and was unable to play any game for the 49ers. Rumours started that the team would fire Smith soon. 49ers announced that Smith could still play for them if he accepted a new contract. Smith did accept it, despite the significant decrease in his salary. He continued playing for them for 3 more seasons, and his most productive season came in 2011. Although Smith never played exceptionally well, he made almost no mistakes in his gameplay and maintained complete co-ordination with his teammates leading to his improved performances.

Smith once again signed a contract with the 49ers, which lasted only one year. Next year, he was sent to the Kansas City Chiefs where his role was the starting quarterback. Due to his brilliant performances that year, the City Chiefs gave him a new 4 year contract.

Alex Smith is also a philanthropist and he began the Alex Smith Foundation, in order to provide support to foster kids so that they can attend college.

Alex Smith married Elizabeth Barry in 2009. Elizabeth earlier used to work as a cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders. The two got engaged two years ago in 2007. Their first child, Hudson was born in 2011 and their second son, Hayes was born in 2014. Smith’s wife has always stayed by his side even when he went through tough times. She was extremely supportive and helpful even when his career was going downhill.

Alex Smith has an estimated net worth of $15 million as of 2015.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 7 May, 1984
Age: 35 yrs
Occupations: American football player
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Bremerton
Education: Helix High School
University of Utah
Gender: Male
Description: American football quarterback
Net Worth 2021: 55 million
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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