Alexis Knief

Best known for being the wife of Justified's Raylan "Cowboy" Givens, whom we known as actor Timothy Olyplant (16 million US dollars net worth) in real life, natural beauty Alexis Knief  has zero media presence.

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No wonder, the Agent 47 fans are craving to know more about his wife, and his chemistry with her.

From what we know, Alexis was his college sweetie at the University of South Carolina, where Timothy was pursuing fine arts and swimming competitively.

The strongly bonded couple tied the knot in July 1991. The couple has altogether triple threats in their house; their children namely Grace (daughter), Henry (son), and Vivian(daughter). All of their age is 10 +. (one middle teen at 16, one early teen and one pre-teen)

Now moving on to her physical configuration, she is a tall woman just like her 6 feet husband. Although her exact height is not known, but analyzing her pictures, we can guess that her height lies in the range of 5 feet 10 inches to 6 feet inches. Again judging by her pictures, she strikes us as a slender-tall woman. However, in some of her pictures, she looks like she has gained a good amount of weight (they maybe her pre or post-pregnancy pictures). Since she always wears dresses that completely cover her body shape and assets, we couldn't figure out her body shape.

Anyway, we are in no way comparing between slimmer body and weighty one. We are just stating as a media source. Plus, both of them are 40 + with Timothy being 47 years. Timothy's job as an actor is demanding and no wonder he is in perfect shape. In Alexi's case, she has no obligation to look like a supermodel. Even if she has gained weight, nobody has got right to point finger on her. Clearly, people age and the weight debate can be taken both ways.

Surely, Alexis is the woman behind Timothy's success. She has supported him for the past two decades. She is a woman of love, respect and care. It's really rare to find such a bonding in Hollywood.

In an interview, Timothy when asked about his wife reaction on one of his sex scene which he gave on screen said that they don't prefer to talk about it in their dining room. Both of the couple understand that Timothy's on-screen works are strictly professional and such cases aren't that worthy to make a big issue. Alexis is really a sweet and supporting woman.

Interestingly, Timothy is one of the most amusing personalities in Hollywood. He is a laid-back, witty, fun-loving, and really cool guy whom you can always find generic even if he says and does something that isn't. Simply, Timothy is a man who has learned to enjoy little or big things in life including his job and relationships with his sense of humor.

And you want to listen this. He got Emmy nominated in 2011 for his role of Raylan Givens in Justified. However, he didn't win it and later commented in an interview that Kyle Chandler, who won the Emmy, deprived some people of a good speech. Timothy would have given an interesting opening speech if he had won the Emmy. The opening speech goes like this:

"My opening line — this was my wife’s idea actually — I was going to look at [the trophy] and then look out at my wife of twenty years and say, ‘Well, honey, this is it. I’m finally leaving you."

And, he actually wears his wedding ring on his right hand.

We guess, they should be extremely bonded to have such kind of relationship. What do you think?

Their kids are extremely lucky to get such nice parents. Timothy is in peak of his career. At such time, celebrities often tend to break up and choose their professional life. However, Timothy and Alexis are still able to keep their marriage fire alive. And, the kids are really lucky to get such as a loving plus cool dad who has portrayed many badass roles in his career including starring in the videogame Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and a supporting and loving mother. He may have portrayed many bad ass or villain roles in his career, but he totally melts up when he is with his family and wife.

At the end of the day, Timothy is a parent as well. In an interview back in 2011, he has said that his son plays the Call of Duty and not only that loves his Call of Duty's voiceworks.

He said in the interview (probably in Conan) that it's very difficult for him to answer the question relating to kids involvement in violent content such as in videogames. He said that it's really difficult for him to answer such questions when his son is in home playing the violent shooter game and he is in the game encouraging him to shoot people. He said his son really enjoys his character's company and his voicewworks such as 2 O'clock, Fire, 12 O' Clock and Good Shot kid while playing the game. He said he asks his son to close the game and read a book and his son will go like you were just telling me to kill people.

 How amusing!

 The couple picture can be viewed on the web. They have attended many events together.

Last but not the least, his upcoming movies "Mother's Day" and "Snowden" are highly anticipated. 

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