Ayumi Hamasaki

Published : Apr 14 2017 | Modified : Apr 14 2017

Ayumi Hamasaki is a well-known Japanese lyricist, recording artist, actress and model. Ayumi has achieved great popularity within Asia and Japan by positioning herself as a musical artist, not being showcased as a particular product which used to be a very common factor in the music culture of Japan. Within her complete career, she herself wrote all her lyrics, produced her songs and also sometimes has co-composed her songs.

Childhood and Biography

Ayumi was born on 2nd October 1978 in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. She had an unusual childhood as her parents never stayed together. She was brought up as a single kid by her grandmother and mother, as her dad left them when Ayumi was only 3 years old. Since then he never gets in touch with Ayumi.

Her mother has to work outside so that she can support her family. Thus, Ayumi mostly spends her early childhood days with her grandmother. At a tender age of 7, she started doing modeling projects for native institutions so that she can support her mother. She continued doing modeling and at an early age of 14 years, and get shifted to Tokyo under her talent agency called SOS. After some time her agency claimed her to be short and later on shifted Ayumi to the music agency, Sun Music.

Initially,she was a bright student and earned good marks during her high school junior. But later on, she started losing interest in her studies as she thought that the taught subjects were useless. In Tokyo also she tried to complete her education at HorikoshiGakuen High School, but she dropped out during the 1st year only.

Musical Career

At a small age if 19 years she released her debut with its single named “Poker Face”. Her debut album was named “A song for xx” which was released in the year 1999 for which she gained Award of Gold Disc for “Best Debutant Artist”. Some of her singles include “Vogue”, “Seasons” “M”, “Connected”, “A Song Is Born”, “Free and Easy” and “Far Away”.

Ayumi has many successful albums throughout her career. Some of her most hit albums are “Rainbow”, “Memorial Address”, “My Story” “(Miss) understood” and “Secret”. Being a very popular artist Ayumi has a huge discography, she has released about 17 studio albums, 5 compilation albums, 4 live albums, 24 remix albums and several singles.

Personal Life

On 1 January in the year 2011, Ayumi announces that she is going to marry Austrian model and actor Manuel Schwarz. Next day, her office revealed that she has married Manuel Schwarz previous day in the United States. However, their marriage did not last long as on 16 January 2012 she revealed on her website that she is divorcing Manuel. Her second husband was Tyson Bodkin with whom she was married during 2014 to 2016. Ayumi is very much active on Instagram and has more than 745K followers. Her current net worth is around the US 450 million dollars.

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